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Egg's Day Out is the twenty-second episode of Angry Birds Toons.


The episode name is a reference to 1994 film Baby's Day Out.

Toons.TV Description

A stray egg finds its way into Pig City, can Red discover where it's gone before Chef Pig makes it into an omelet?


Red is on egg guarding duty, but a dirty leaf floats across him. Red attacks the leaf, but this only causes one of the eggs in the nest to fall into a river. He chases after it and is able to retrieve it, but they are about to fall from a waterfall. Red lands in a pond, but loses sight of the egg. Fortunately, he finds it on a conveyor with pigs at the end of it. Red goes into the conveyor to get the egg, but he ends up being hit by the pigs' tools. The next thing that happens is Red and the egg are in two separate mine carts filled with rocks. They go separate ways into a very dark cave. Red's track ends earlier, which causes him to fall on the egg's track. Its cart is close to hitting Red, but instead, the rocks in the cart come falling on him. A pig uses a bucket to fill it with rocks, but without realizing, the egg ends up in there, too. The bucket drops the egg on a metal bar, which Red chases after it. While he hangs onto a rope attached to the bar, he sees a bunch of pigs eating sandwiches on another metal bar. The egg falls off the first bar, knocks Red's head, deflects off of a bunch of awnings, and goes through a lot of tubes, making it land in a box of hay. Red tries to fall after it, but he ends up wearing a purple bra. The egg rolls into a room where a bunch of pigs are performing target practice. When the egg is the next one to launch, Red urges to go after it, but two pigs walk by, so he acts like one of the cardboard birds. When he, the pig, and the egg get launched, Red throws the pig, which causes him to break the wall, which gives Red and the egg enough room to escape. This causes King Pig's castle to come crashing down. Red and the egg make it safely to the nest, but another dirty leaf shows up. In the credits, Red can be heard angrily destroying the leaf, causing another egg to fall into the river, much to his anger.




  • This is the tenth episode to have a title change, the name of the episode changed from Eggs' Day Out to Egg's Day Out. The previous title Eggs' Day Out, hints that there was originally going to be more than one egg in the episode.
  • Red seems to have a higher pitch voice throughout the episode is one listens closely.
  • When this episode was initially announced it was said that an egg would partially hatch (it said that only it's legs would be shown) and it would run off to pig city and Red would have to get it back. The episode was delayed from the date originally listed and it was most likely rewritten.
  • The scene that the piece of leaf touches the egg and angers Red, pays homage to two of Rovio's first Angry Birds videos - "Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer" and "Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle" - except that there, a fly and a butterfly touches the egg.
  • It seems that the egg is unbreakable, just like in the episode Double Take.
  • The minion pigs act as Victorian Children working in Factories.
  • This is first (and currently only) episode that doesn't have an ending music theme, it also lacks music in a bit of scenes as well, ironically.
  • A cliff from Slingshot 101 appears in this episode.
  • The part where the pigs were attacking cardboard birds may be a reference to the golden King Pig level.
  • Again, the theme song from Chuck Time to Off Duty, Slappy-Go-Lucky and Run Chuck Run makes an appearance in the intro.
  • This is the second time Red showed his evil look. The first being Egg Sounds.
  • The pigs who are having lunch on the metal bar reference to Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper.
  • This episode shows the everyday life of the pigs.
    • Also, this is one of the few episodes to have pigs that do not want the eggs for eating.


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