An Egg Bomb is the egg launched by Matilda. It destroys anything within a short distance and produces an air wave that forces back anything else within a larger radius upon contact with the Bad Piggies' structure. It has a decent amount of power, but its small blast radius hinders it from doing any colossal damage.


  • The Egg Bomb seems to be filling Matilda's body, as compared on the corpse sprite of the Rio version.
  • The Egg Bomb has the second smallest explosion, after Bubbles' popping.
  • The Egg Bombs can bounce if they hit birds or bouncy items.

    Matilda after releasing the egg bomb.

  • The Egg Bomb resembles an original egg.
  • The Egg Bombs can float in the water. (Only in Piglantis and Arctic Eggspedition from Angry Birds Seasons.) 
  • There is a falling egg bomb Power-up, but Rovio cut it, probably because it was Matilda's power too much.
  • In Angry Birds Toons, it does not appear that it can be launched by Matilda, as usually the Egg Bomb was released only for the game.
  • In Angry Birds GO!, the Egg Bomb is Matilda's special power. When used, she will throw the Egg Bomb forwards. The egg will explode on impact with anything, causing any racers nearby to spin out. This is one of the more powerful explosive special powers in the game. 
  • In Angry Birds 2, Matilda can look normal after releasing the egg. 
AB White Bird Corpse Sprite2

White Bird after releasing the Egg Bomb (Classic v3.0, Rio, Friends)

  • In The Angry Birds Movie, the Egg Bombs are pink egg-shaped fireballs that explode into pink dust when they have an impact on a solid object and Matilda can release them as she pleases.
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