Egg Sounds is the fifth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Matilda and The Eggs make their first appearance in Angry Birds Toons. It was aired on April 14, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

The birds are thrilled when the eggs start to speak - but who are the hatchlings going to take after?



The episode begins with Red caring for the The Eggs when suddenly, they made some sounds. Excited, he ran off to get Chuck and Matilda. While he was away, Jay, Jake, and Jim came out of hiding to see that their prank, playing the saxophone to make the sounds for the eggs, on Red has worked.

Red soon returned with Chuck and Matilda and tried to get the eggs to sing to him again. Nothing happened even after Red cajoled the eggs to sing again, making Chuck and Matilda wonder if Red was doing a prank on them. Suddenly, the Blues pulled off their prank on Chuck and Matilda, fooling them as well.

Red then tells the other two birds that the eggs were holding baby cardinals who would go on to beat up the pigs for always abducting them. Matilda, who was shocked at that idea of beating up a piglet, decided to make the eggs sing to her instead. The Blues quickly switched their tune, resulting in the three baby birds becoming chickens bearing typical peace signs. Chuck was not buying that idea and sang his own tune, resulting in the three birds to be hot-blooded canaries.

Soon, Red, Chuck, and Matilda were fighting over on how the hatchlings would look like, eventually causing the hatchlings to look like monsters. The Blues laughed at how effective their prank was, resulting in the imaginary hatchlings to disappear. Red, Chuck, and Matilda then overheard the source of laughter and realized the Blues played a prank on them. They made a plan for the Blues to have a payback for the prank they did to them; having Chuck pretend to be a scary bush monster. The prank worked and soon, they were laughing at their success, unaware that one of the eggs was actually making a sound.




  • At 2:20, Jay, Jake, and Jim's saxophone is missing.
  • In the title card, one of The Blues is playing a bugle. In the episode, a saxophone is used.
  • The Blues have eyebrows in the title card.
  • The nest in the title card is different from the one featured in the episode.


  • This is the first episode in which a pig appears in the same episode as the birds, although the pig in question is imaginary.
    • The Mini Red stomping on the pig and other Mini Reds cheering him may be a reference to the original trailer of Angry Birds, where Red stomps on a bug that disturbed the eggs.
  • When the Blues play notes on the saxophone, the notes that appear above the eggs are the color of the bird that sings, and have feathers on top, similar to Red.
  • Angry Birds 2 reuses some of the sounds from this episode, especially Chuck's sounds. They can be heard when a "Strike!" "Birdie!" or a "Headpop!" is made.


Angry Birds Toons Egg Sounds - S1 Ep5

Angry Birds Toons Egg Sounds - S1 Ep5

The Eggs are having their first word!

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