"Eggs in Peril!is the fourth episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on November 24, 2018. 


Red, Chuck and Bomb are hit by shocking breaking news: The Angry Birds are -- Oh, actually, maybe this can wait a little... Chuck has recently found out a new talent and this may be more important now.


The episode starts with the mysterious person secretly clicking a picture of Red, Chuck and Bomb on a street and posts it to a website with a headline 'Birds Spotted?'. The scene then shifts to the birds looking at a supermarket. Chuck then suggests that they should go inside the mart to check out. But Bomb tells Chuck that he would rather stay outside and smell bird seeds. Red sighs, expecting a bad thing to happen. While Red looks around, he finds a magazine with the news 'Angry Birds Missing From Game, Eggs in Peril'. This shocks Red who finally realizes that they fell out of the game. Chuck and Bomb react in shock. Red advises them to keep calm as panicking wouldn't fix anything. Bomb then suggests to focus on getting back to the game. But he finds Chuck acting strange. At the same time, he notices the automatic entrance door closing, shocking Bomb. Red then asks Bomb what happened. Bomb asks Red what did he see by then. Red replies that the door just opened and then closed. Bomb the tells that Chuck made the door open and close. Chuck finally tells that he could do this with his mind and that he may have had this talent from a long time. After a few seconds, Red notices a girl wearing shoes with coloured dots, finally making Red remember the moment - the girl who brought the birds out of the game (unintentionally) had the shoes similar to the ones Red had seen. While for Chuck, he repeatedly commands the door to open, buts fails. Red finally reminds them that the eggs are in peril and that he now remembers the incident and that they have to find the kid. However, Chuck once again commands the door to open, but fails again, making Chuck think that his talent was over. Bomb then asks Red on what is going, which Red angrily asks whether they (Bomb and Chuck) had listened to what Red had said before. Bomb tells that he had heard nothing and Chuck tells that he heard just a little.




  • The video title is spelled "Peril" but the newspaper in the episode spells it "Perill"


Angry Birds on The Run - Eggs in Peril! - S1 Ep4

Angry Birds on The Run - Eggs in Peril! - S1 Ep4

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