Eggshaustion is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the ninety-sixth overall. It premiered on March 18, 2016, but was a glitch on February 18, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck will not rest until every single egg is safe. Every last one of them.


Chuck is seen walking and singing and later sees the pigs attempting to snatch the eggs, but Chuck only checked as to Bomb was beside the nest. But to Chuck's shock, Bomb pretended to not notice and let the pigs get the eggs on purpose, looked at them, chuckled and continued with his comic. This made Chuck scream in panic and reprimands Bomb but he did not seem to care just a murmur a look, but this only raged Chuck and he went after the pigs himself.

The pigs returned to the castle's kitchen looking very happy while Chuck races into the kingdom and into the castle's kitchen. The Chef Minion Pig now attempts to break the egg into his soup but fails, he goes to one of the minion pigs (one who is mincing a carrot) and tells him about the egg, the reaches out for a spike flail. Chuck was in the castle and broke into the wrong room (King Pig's bathroom) King Pig screams while Chuck nervously smirks and slowly backing away from the room, giving King Pig his privacy. Then finally breaking into the kitchen, he screamed upon seeing a group of pigs attempting to cook the eggs, but to the Chef Minion Pig's shock, he dropped the egg into the soup.

Angered Chuck pulls out his nunchucks and started wrecking havoc throwing the pigs everywhere one pigs has hit the caulthem and spilled the soup along with the eggs but the mixer fell on the eggs and broke them. Chuck gasped and started to cry and walked back to the flock along the path he saw a butterfly momentarily stop crying and so 3 smaller butterflies coming along with the other butterfly which he started to cry again, he laid on rock and and kept on sobbing and saw three pigs holding eggs the pigs were confused and upon Chuck seeing them holding eggs the pigs hid the eggs behind them start and started to scoot away this has surprised Chuck. He then chased after those pigs and started beating them up, and was glad to retrieved the eggs.

He then saw 3 more pigs with each holding an egg and was confused knowing that he has the eggs but still Chuck went after them. The scene goes to Bomb beside the nest still pretending to not notice the pigs and letting them get away with it, but Bomb only laughed and heard Chuck beating the pigs up. Bomb was shocked to see Chuck exhausted and carrying a pile of eggs. The Blues came with 3 coconuts, a bucket of white paint, and a paint brush giggling and started to paint the coconuts the blues later look to the now shocked Bomb and sees Chuck. Chuck sees the scene and saw Matilda with the real nest and started to drop the pile of "eggs" and started to have a nervous breakdown. Waddling to the nest, making noises, and started to drench the paint all over him, shaking and still making noises, even during the credits.




  • This is the second time Bomb reads a comic book. The first was Super Bomb!.
  • This is the third time a bird went crazy. The first was Matilda in Do as I Say! and Red in Happy Hippy.
  • This is the third time Chuck cried. The first was Boulder Bro and the second was Mind The Pony.
  • This is the episode to not have the appearance of Red.
  • The actual Chef Pig is not present in the episode.
  • The episode is a pun on "Exhaustion".


  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.
  • In earlier versions of the Toons.TV app, future episode glitches show up early. It was most likely fixed by Rovio.

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