Template:Theme InfoboxEggsteroid 3 is the third Eggsteroid in the game Angry Birds Space. This level is homage to the 1980′s video game Arkanoid.


This level is based on luck too. You can complete this level with one bird or fail this level.


Golden Eggsteroid 3 is located on level 2-13 of Angry Birds Space. Zoom out to see the Golden Eggsteroid in the brush on the planet below the slingshot platform. Launch the Lazer Bird backwards, then redirect him into the Eggsteroid to snatch it. Once you hit the egg you’ll immediately be transported via a wormhole to the level.


Fling the Red Bird at the edge if the glass block at the edge of the glass block 2 blocks away from the pig at the middle. The Red Bird should keep bouncing around until it kills all pigs, but will also get you extra points for destroying more blocks, leaving you with 20,000 more points of leftover birds.

Video Walkthrough

File:Angry Birds Space Eggsteroid Level 3 E-3 3-Star Walkthrough

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