Template:Theme Infobox Eggsteroid 5 is the fifth level of the episode Eggsteroids in the game Angry Birds Space. This level is homage to the 1980′s video game Star Castle.


Golden Eggsteroid 5 is located on level 2-28 of Angry Birds Space Cold Cuts. The Golden Eggsteroid is concealed under the snow pile, though the concealing is sort of undone by the large flashing arrow pointing at it. Launch any bird head-on into the snow pile to obtain the Eggsteriod. Once you hit the egg, you’ll immediately be transported via a wormhole to the level.


It can be very hard new players that cannot find the weakness of the castle.

Strategy and Location

There is a moss of green plants inside the star. Shoot the Lazer Bird at any wood point, but without hitting any stone. If this action is done right, than the star should fall apart and pop all the pigs.

Video Walkthrough

File:Angry Birds Space Eggsteroid Level 5 E-5 3-Star Walkthrough
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