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El Porkador! is the forty-first episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Fat Pig makes his debut in this episode. It was aired on December 22, 2013.

Toons.TV Description[]

The pigs send a HUGE pig (pushing him on a wheelbarrow) toward the nest. The birds seem defenseless against him. Until Terence arrives!



The birds are relaxing in their hideout. A butterfly arrives and disturbs Red, who is taking a rest on his folding seat, and Bomb, who is busy eating ice cream. The Blues are also around, but the butterfly doesn't disturb them. The ground suddenly shakes with the appearance of El Porkador (Fat Pig). He sings while the Minion Pigs and Corporal Pig brought him with the use of a wheelbarrow because he was unable to walk to the hideout to get the eggs on his own. Corporal Pig gives commands to the Minion Pigs and El Porkador. El Porkador then makes a loud singing cry making a slight ground shake to even The Eggs! 

Red gets angry and rushes straight to the Slingshot to launch and hit El Porkador. He hits him but gets stuck to him because of El Porkador's fluffy and soft body, making El Porkador laugh. Afterwards, he sings again, launching Red back to his hideout, knocking Red out.

The Blues then rush to attack. Instead of using the Slingshot,  they ran towards El Porkador but not before leaving their shades and caps.  El Porkador pulls them by sniffing a large potion of air using his big nose. After he sniffs them, he blows them back to their hideout with his nose. Bomb sees that The Blues would hit the ground hard so he uses himself as a cushion to soften the impact.

Bomb gets angry uses the Slingshot to launch and blow up El Porkador. He lits his fuse just as he is about to reach El Porkador, but El Porkador blocks his attack with a racket, which causes Bomb's explosion to backfire and occur on the ground, trapping him on the ground in the process.

El Porkador and the pigs begin to approach the eggs, knocking down the slingshot out of their way, while Red and The Blues stand behind the eggs in a last attempt to protect them. El Porkador then suddenly bumps into Terence, the Big Brother Bird. The pigs don't notice him arriving. When the pigs see him, Corporal Pig orders to push the wheelbarrow (where El Porkador sat) on Terence to hit him and pass over him, but Terence is too strong. They push the cart three times but get pushed back by Terence. Terence gets angry and uses his weight to smash the ground. The resulting ground crack extends to the wheelbarrow's wheels, making El Porkador imbalanced. As a result, he falls off and rolls down a cliff. The pigs try to ran, but are hit by him. El Porkador rolls, while continuously singing in panic, towards Pig City, destroying parts of it. He sings even louder when he hits King Pig's Palace.

As the credits roll, El Porkador coughs, sings in sorrow and cries because his plan failed.



  • There is a change under the Slingshot when Red and Bomb extends the elastic band of it.
  • When Red and the blues make a last attempt to protect the eggs, they look very beat up. When they stand behind Terence, however, they do not look beat up anymore.
  • In the ending scene, Pig City is mirrored backwards.



  • This is the second time Bomb has a paternal figure at The Blues when he tries to catch them after they are launched by Fat Pig. First was The Bird That Cried Pig when he plays with them.
  • This is the third time Bomb eats ice cream. The first time was in Off Duty. The second time was in Fired Up.
  • This is the first time Fat Pig cried, but only in the credits.
  • This is the first time Carl Upsdell directed an episode.
  • This was #9 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.
  • This is the 2nd episode to feature a butterfly. The 1st was in Chuck Time, and the 3rd was in The Butterfly Effect.
  • Terence appears in the episode, but he isn't listed in the credits for unknown reasons.
  • This is the second time King Pig's Castle gets destroyed the first was Crash Test Piggies.

Interesting Facts[]

  • In the credits, it is stated that El Porkador is listed as Goliath Pig (as his second appearance) instead of Fat Pig (as his first appearance).
  • The animation is somehow similar to Chuck Time to Thunder Chuck. But the character design is still from Dopeys on a Rope.
  • Terence Breaking the Ground is very similar to the superhero Hulk's move Hulk Smash.
  • The Blues' injured appearances resemble their design from the first loading screen of the original Angry Birds game.
  • Bomb gets stuck in the ground, which is why you do not get to see him hurt. In the apps, Bomb does not have an injured appearance because he disappears after he explodes.
  • This is Terence's final appearance in Season 1.
  • Bomb is the only bird to not have two feathers pointing to one side of the screen, with a triangle-shaped beak and tail feathers.


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