The Elephant Day Tournament is a tournament that happened in Angry Birds Friends during:

  • 1st Tournament (August 7th to August 9th 2017)

    The artwork.

  • 2nd Tournament (August 10th to August 14th 2017)
  • Octotournament (August 27th to August 29th 2018)
  • 3rd Tournament (August 30th to August 31th 2018)

The tournament was a collaboration of United For Wildlife with Rovio. It was made to celebrate World Elephant Day, that is commemorated on August 12th, and to save the african elephant, that is estimated that 96 are killed everyday and if this continues, they will go fully extinct in 2025.

This update added the orange  ''Go back to level select'' button that appears after the player completes a tournament's last level.



Help Angry Birds and United For Wildlife save endangered African elephants! Play the Angry Birds Friends Elephant Day Tournament from August 7th to August 14th, and help raise awareness for the threats that elephants face in the wild.


It's set in an African savannah on afternoon. In the backgrounnd, there is a grassy plains with several acacia trees in the back of a river. Behind the plains, there are various mountains, which there's a lion next to the sun, as a reference to the Disney movie, The Lion King.

In the foreground, there's grass with dirt below.

New Features

It featured several things such as:

  • Mother Elephant: She holds the slingshot with her trunk and let the birds sit on her back, awaiting for her three babies in the levels.
    • Baby Elephants (Calves): There are three in the levels. They are usually in cages. If a bird is launched, the cage will break, letting the baby elephants to run to a bush and then keep with their mother. They give 5000 points when collected.
      • In Level 1 of August 7th 2017's tournament, stone balls would fall if all of the elephant calves were rescued, helping the player in finishing the level.
  • Golden Peanut: The elephant's traditional favorite food, but it's gold now! They also give 5000 points when collected.
  • Tribal Pig Statue: A carved wooden statue that works as a obstacle.
  • Golden African Cucumber: Spikey and delicious. They give points when destroyed.
  • Bongos: Not the animal, the instrument. They are found around the levels. They are hard to destroy.
  • African Wood: They are like the normal wood, but stronger!
  • Acacia leaves: Found around the levels. They are easy to destroy. They were mostly used by the developers to make background trees in the levels.
  • Hunter Hat: A pig's wear.
  • Machetes: A pig's object.
  • African Necklace: Another pig's wear.



Interesting Facts

  • In the trailer, the 'S' in the Friends logo was striped on the right to look like an elephant trunk. It also stretches and makes an elephant noise.
  • The way the elephant calves jump into bushes is the same way that the tigers do in the WWF Tiger Day Tournament. However, the elephants always appear caged.




Angry Birds Friends - Elephant Day Tournament

Meet Elsa,the baby african elephant.

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