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Hey Mechanic Pig, help me construct a vehicle from my leftover parts!
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Energy is a fundamental part of the Angry Birds series. Unlike lives, energy is consumed regardless of a win or a loss in the game.

Angry Birds Fight![]

There are two types of energies in the game:

  1. Battle PvP energy (max 6)
  2. Ship Energy (max 3)

PvP energy replenishes every 10 minutes and Ship Energy every 30 minutes. It can be refilled instantly for an exchange of a gem for PvP energy and either a Ship Energy refill by 1 portion or gems.

Angry Birds Ace Fighter[]

The game was supplied with 120 energy refilled by 1 energy every 5 minutes. However, it can be replenished by 120 energy buy paying 50 diamonds. The energy can exceed the maximum capacity up to 999 energies.

Angry Birds Go![]

As of version v2.0, the cupcakes were replaced with an energy system.

Angry Birds Evolution[]

Used as energy for scout, it replenishes every 1 hour, by berries, energy drink (150 gems) or advertisement video.

Angry Birds Action![]

The max energy for this game is 3. It can be recharged by waiting 15 minutes for 1 energy or refilling full by paying with premium currency.

Bad Piggies 2[]


Angry Birds 2[]

In February of 2024, lives were replaced with energy for the world map.[1] Each player has a limit of 60 energy, which costs 10 energy every time a level is played. When the system was implemented, every player got 250 energy.

Arguably, this system is worse than lives because it also forces professionals to have to pay because for lives, they are only used for losses but for energy, it is used regardless of win or loss.