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Epic Sax-Off is the twenty-sixth episode and the last episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the seventy-eighth overall.

Toons.TV Description

Matilda finds a spot to practice her saxophone away from the complaints of the other birds, but she's soon upstaged by a slick piggy horn player. There's only one way to settle this – BATTLE OF THE SAXES!


The episode starts with Matilda opening a case and getting her saxophone. She plays with it and she is delighted. She then sees Epic Sax Pig playing  saxophone to a small crowd of Minion Pigs. All of the pigs enjoy it. Matilda comes on stage and shows him her saxophone. He laughs and all of the pigs join in, making her feel sad. The sax pig blows a raspberry at her which makes her angry and starts playing her saxophone, which makes the crowd run to Matilda. The sax pig is surprised about this as she plays beautifully. Determined to regain his fans, the sax pig shouts to some pigs backstage.

The backstage pigs make an archway with lights, which all the pigs like. This makes Matilda really angry. She plays loudly so the pigs can hear and fireflies appear behind her. She plays the Angry Birds theme song, which the pigs like. They show signs with Matilda on them and rush to her. She jumps on a cliff and then onto her stage. This makes the sax pig surprised as Matilda does a crowd surf.

The sax pig shouts to the backstage pigs and one of them pulls a lever to turn on a motor. Then, a huge stage appears with the sax pig on a spinning turntable. A pig dressed as a dolphin jumps to the another poll. This makes the crowd of pigs show sax pig banners and cheer him on. One of the backstage pigs appears with a nail. Then, the cog in the motor detaches, which makes the turntable spin superfast. Guilty of what they have done, the backstage pigs packed up their bags and left, leaving the stage to explode, sending the sax pig soaring into some rocks which crash onto of him. All of the other pigs are confused about what happened, so Matilda plays for them. The pigs hold up Matilda banners as she plays.



  • The "Battle of the Saxes" mentioned in the Toons.TV description is probably a reference to the historical event called the Battle of the Saxons.
  • The episode name and the clothing and movements of the Epic Sax Minion Pig are a very likely reference to the Epic Sax Guy, an internet viral video.
  • This is one of the few episodes that has one type of bird and one type of pig.
  • The Epic Sax Minion Pig appears in a trailer of an update for Angry Birds Action, The Big Pig update, in his movie form.
  • The music the Epic Sax Minion Pig plays in the Pig Inflater power-up trailer from Angry Birds 2.
  • When Matilda plays her saxophone, you can hear the first few notes of the Angry Birds theme.
  • On second 0:37 when Matilda gets angry, she sounds like Terence.



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