Eva or Eva the Birthday Mom is a bird character that only appears in The Angry Birds Movie. She is a wife of Edward and has two children. This bird is voiced by Kate McKinnon.

Abilities Loving edward and having two children
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Female
Species Bird
Locations Bird Island
Strength None
Size Medium




Eva is an anthropomorphic green bird with a dark-green crest that resembles human hair and an orange beak. She has three dark green feathers on her tail and has orange talons.



Edward has Eva as her husband, so, most likely, she loves him. They often appear together, so you can't say that their love is strong. He is only appears in The Angry Birds Movie.


She cleary loves him and treats him as her baby. He does everything he's fathers do, so it's mostly likely that he spend a lot of time with he's mom.


When she saw Red for the first time in the movie, she clearly had a bad impression, but when Red turns himself into a hero, she goes to respect him.


During scandal Happy Hatchday

To Red - Who are You?

In the Bird Court

Your Honor, our family has always practiced natural child-hatch; the risks of having a scrambled infant are too great. There was going to be music, the nest was going to be full with beautiful, fresh-cut flowers, and the first two faces he was going to see were the loving faces of his mother and his father. We can never get that moment back.


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