Female Pig
Female pig
Abilities Blowing bubbles (in King Pig Mode)
First Appearance Hogs and Kisses credits
Gender Female
Species Pigs
Locations Hogs and Kisses
Strength Strong
Size Large

    There are six known instances of Female Pigs, one appearing in the Angry Birds Seasons episode Hogs and Kisses credits, one in the Angry Birds Bing Videos, two in King Pig's imagination in the Angry Birds Toons in the episode, Love is in the Air, one in the King Pig Mode, one in Angry Birds Star Wars II in which one of the playable pig characters is Zam Wessel and Angry Birds 2 as Lady Pig.

Female Pig (credits)

This Female Pig is the size of a large pig, and wears a pink bow and eye make-up. This pig is seen in the credits of the game and in promotional images, as well as appearing in the game. A plush toy of this character was released.

Female Pig (Toons)

One female pig that appears is King Pig's vision of a cabbage. The pig has long blond hair and a small crown. The second female pig is what King Pig sees Corporal Pig as; an opera singer with long orange hair and a helmet covering the eyes.

Cardboard Cutout

A cardboard cutout Female Pig wearing a blonde wig is seen in the Angry Birds Bing Videos. This cutout was used by the Birds to get back their eggs which the pigs stole.

King Pig Mode

A female pig appears in King Pig Mode as a replacement for Stella. It looks exactly like the female pig from the Hogs and Kisses credits, but with pink circles under her eyes.

Her photo is below.



  • Both female toons pigs appeared in the same episode.
  • The Female Opera Pig was singing Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner) and was the 2nd time classical music was played in Toons. The 1st was in Another Birthday, where Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven) was played. The 3rd was in Porcula, where ''Tocata and fugue in D-minor'' (Bach) was played.
  • Both Female Pigs in toons were imaginary.
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