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Final Curtain is the thirty-fourth and the final episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

In this episode, the piggy theater is cleaned and the conclusion of the series. The series is directly followed by Piggy Tales: 4th Street.

Toons.TV Description[]

It's the end of the show and Janitor Pig puts on a final performance.


The show has ended, and an upset Janitor Pig and several of the Minion Pigs clean up the props and objects used in the episodes. Among them is a lift from Wrong Floor and a vending machine from Snack Time. Pigs and props fall into the hole on the stage and tearfully says goodbye to some props before breaking down. Meanwhile, a minion pig hands him a stick of dynamite, a TNT crate, a time bomb, and a time bomb that is about to explode. He gets startled and closes the stage hatch door in an attempt to protect the theater. Suddenly, there is a huge explosion that literally ''breaks the fourth wall''. We hear the sound of cars honking and the piggy getting shocked. An angelic chorus is played as the Janitor Pig and the piggies discover Pig City and exit the theatre through the hole. The episode ends, only for the story to continue in Piggy Tales: 4th Street.


  • The explosion that happened near the end of the episode that resulted in the breaking of the wall technically foreshadows the setting (Pig City) for Piggy Tales: 4th Street.
  • Rovio collaborated with CAKE (A video company for kids entertainment) for these two seasons (Piggy Tales: Third Act and Piggy Tales: 4th Street) after The Angry Birds Movie had reached No.1 in the United States. This proof is seen in some news of the world.
  • The episode reuses music from the final episode of the first season It's A Wrap.
  • The assets that were put inside the hole was from previous episodes of the Piggy Tales: Third Act episodes. A list is below:
  • This is the second time the fourth wall is broken, the first being Let's Tango.
  • This is the final Piggy Tales episode to air on Toons.TV.


Coming soon.


  • This episode dates in 2016 with the credits instead of 2017 due to the episode's production in 2016.



Piggy Tales - Third Act - Final Curtain - S3 Ep34

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