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== Errors==
== Errors==
*When the fire chases birds, the fire doesn't have burnt marks made on land. But after Chuck sighed, there is.
*When the fire chases birds, the fire doesn't have burnt marks made on land. But after Chuck sighed, there is.
*Bomb is angry in end episode
*While Bomb was running, he had the ice cream. However, when he growled at Chuck, it was gone

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Template:TVInfoboxFired Up is the 36th episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

It's windy and cold at the Cobalt Plateaus. Chuck wants to keep the eggs warm, but Matilda and Red have already taking care of it. Frustrated, Chuck decides to warm up... the weather! But his interesting idea will lead some unexpected results...


The scene starts in Cobalt Plateaus, with gusts of wind blowing everywhere, and Red is sitting on the eggs, in an attempt to warm them with a thermometer stuck between the eggs. When Chuck comes to check on him, he sees Red shivering, but much to his shock, sees the thermometer indicating that the temperature of the eggs are not adequate. He tuts, and he knocks Red of the eggs and jumps on them. He begins to snuggles up to the eggs, and the thermometer rises up. Red briefly approves of Chuck, until he lands in the nest and the eggs topple out. Red glares at him while Chuck tries to look pitiful.

The scene reverts back to Red on the eggs, and thermometer, shivering uncontrollably. Matilda comes with a pink blanket, and throws them over the eggs. This raises the temperature of the eggs, much to both bird's satisfaction. Chuck looks down from a cliff, envious of Matilda. He finally gets an idea and runs off. On the rug, a dot of focused light can be seen, raising up the temperature. It is revealed that chuck has brought a magnifying glass at the top of the cliff, focusing the sun's rays. However, when the clouds part away from the sun, the magnifying glass starts to vibrate violently, and much to Chuck's shock, it leaps up and stays there, suspended in air. The ray of focused sun becomes immense, changing from a pale yellow to a red and orange inferno. Chuck screams, and this wakes Matilda and Red, who also scream, and a dramatic closeup to the thermometer shows that the eggs has reached the highest temperature, revealing a red haze at the bottom. (Eggs are well-cooked) Red and Matilda scream again, and Matilda runs away, while Red takes the eggs and they both run away.

Chuck catches up with them, and the ray of light burns the plateau, and chases the birds. When the burns Matilda in a kicking fashion, it forms legs and hands. It continues pursuing them. They run around the plateau for a while, where Bomb catches up with them, eating ice cream at one point. Finally, when the birds are not within sight, the light ray kicks a rock into two pieces, revealing nothing. The light ray then karate-chops the bush, also revealing nothing. It briefly pauses to think, and chops the tree behind it in half revealing all the birds in a cramped position. Then they all scream and run away.

Chuck, watching this from the cliff, is horrified. He tries to stop the light ray at the source, but doesn't know how. Then, he spots the partially burnt blanket Matilda brought, and his face lights up. He rushes down, quickly grabs the blanket, and comes back to the magnifying glass. He throws it over the glass, which stops creating the light ray and falls down. Back on the ground, the light ray starts to shrink, and briefly waves a goodbye, before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Chuck sighs in relief, but is glared at by the other birds, with wreckage behind them. Later on, Chuck is knitting another blanket, under the influence of Matilda.

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  • The title may be a reference to a 2009 American teen comedy, "Fired Up!."
  • This is the second episode to have a cold and windy weather. First being Off Duty, briefly.
  • This is the first time Lauri Konttori and Janne Roivainen directed and written an episode.
  • This is the sixth episode to have only birds in the series. First in Chuck Time, second in Full Metal Chuck, third in Egg Sounds (although there is an imaginary pig), fourth in Gardening with Terence, and fifth in Run Chuck Run.
  • This is the first time Mikko Polla has written an episode.
  • In Meet the Flock trailer, there's a clip that Red, Bomb and Matilda got angry to Chuck, that comes from this episode. (Gallery section, Picture no. 9)
  • The character animation design from Chuck Time to Thunder Chuck returns.
  • The theme song from Chuck Time to Off Duty to Slappy-Go-Lucky to Run Chuck Run makes a surprise appearance in the intro.
  • This is the second time Bomb eats ice cream. The first time was in Off Duty.
  • In the book, Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe, one picture shows a scene from the toon showing the eggs getting fried by the magnifying glass.
  • When Matilda throws up the blanket, it does not get blown away.
  • At the scene of the point of focused light, there is no wind.
  • This is the final episode to have pre-2013 animation albeit the other episodes animated in a better quality.


  • When the fire chases birds, the fire doesn't have burnt marks made on land. But after Chuck sighed, there is.
  • While Bomb was running, he had the ice cream. However, when he growled at Chuck, it was gone. 


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