Fireworks, also known as Firecrackers are Items that appear in Year of the Dragon in Angry Birds Seasons. They also appear in Rocket Rumble in Angry Birds Rio.

A firework being shot (going left)


Seasons Fireworks

Fireworks are stationary when the level starts. To activate them, they must be damaged. The most common way is to hit them with a Bird, however they can also be activated when a structure or a block falls on it and causes enough damage. However, if a White Bird's egg or Black Bird's explosion reaches near the Firework, they might explode at the same spot without flying. The firework usually goes in the direction opposite it was struck or in the direction it was facing, however occasionally they go in a random direction. The also can either fly in a straight, curved, or a zigzag line (as shown by the trails of smoke clouds they leave behind) and explode after about a second they are activated. Every bird can destroy it.

Rio Fireworks


A bunch of fireworks


A flying small firework and a flying long firework

  • Fireworks in Rio are act like the same as in Seasons. When it has been damaged enough, they'll fly straight into the sky and then explode, create beautiful fireworks. Small fireworks will give you 1000 points after explode, but the longer fireworks will give you 3000 points and the biggest firework will give you 5000 points. Some of them also have ropes at the end. When anything touches the rope, the rope will be burned and when the fire touch the firework, it will fly into the sky.
Screenshot 2015-05-26 17.57.44

A lollipop firework

  • Also, in Rio, there are also lollipop fireworks. They look like lollipop and when it is damaged enough, it'll roll counterclockwise and destroy everything in its path. Then it'll explode and give you 3000 points.
  • The third kind of firework is the gun firework. Its usage is similiar to the different kinds of guns in Angry Birds Friends but it shoots fire instead of balls and it can only shoot when you damage it enough to activate. Then, it will explode and give you 3000 points.

    A shooting gun firework


    A gun firework


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