First Love
First Love TC
Episode number 14
Air Date September 26, 2017
Written by Bernice Vanderlaan
Directed by Thomas Lepeska and Meruan Salim
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First Love is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds Blues.

YouTube Description

First loves are forever, right? Jay might not appreciate being the object of Samantha's affection, but she's going to try anyway.


Jay,Jake and Jim (The Blues ) are happily playing together,then Jake starts running off to another place,where there are alot of yellow flowers.Jim then jumps above Jay,where he accidentally falls and slides in the grass,making a dirt path and then getting himself full of flowers,he stops next to Samantha ,where he cleans himself from the flowers and accidentaly points one to her,where she thinks it's for herself and falls in love with him.Jim gets worried and runs away

Then The Blues continue their play but Samantha comes and shows Jay a drawing where him and her are both in love,she then gives him a kiss on his cheeks and goes away,then Jake and Jim mocks him.Jim,then creases it and throws the drawing away.

Jay,Jake and Jim,then go to their Mighty Clubhouse near their house,then Samantha gets out of it in love trying to catch Jay,then he runs away in fear,he finds a tree,which he climbs to a branche to hide from Samantha.Jay then gets in relief,that he got away from her,but she appears next to him, for his fear.He then jumps off the branche and then finds an empty log,which he hides in,but Samantha finds him again,making him try to run away and then roll because he hit a tree.

Then the log hits a rock,making Jay jump of it and then fall next to his brothers,Samantha continues to follow him,then Jim asks to his brothers to hide him from her,then Jake wears Groucho glasses on Jay,Samantha then analyzes him and doens't notice him,then walks away.Jim then laughs and slaps Jay's back as a form of commemoration,the glasses fall.Samantha notices him and starts to follow him,he runs the most he can,which he is stopped by a mini cave without exit.

Samantha appears and Jim gets scared,she starts to walk next to him,he tries to not get hugged by her,he,then screams as her shadow was near,Samantha's shadow disapears and he looks for her,which she was searching for something in a bush,which was  a red Pipevine Swallowtail Caterpillar and then runs away with it.

Jay then leaves the cave with a sad face,then his brothers come laughing and push him to come with them,he then gets sad and notices the crease  paper and opens it,showing Samantha's drawing,then he looks to the horizon in a mix of sadness that it's over and he didn't enjoyed it and happiness because he is in love with her.


  • It's unknown if Jay really wasn't really liking Samantha 's relationship with him, because he was probably pretending that he didn't like her to not get ashamed.



Angry Birds Blues First Love - S1 Ep14-0

Angry Birds Blues First Love - S1 Ep14-0

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