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Fix It! is the eighth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and it is the eighty-sixth overall. It was aired on November 13, 2015 on Toons.TV App.


Toons.TV Description

When it comes to breaking things, Chuck is a superstar. When it comes to fixing them, results vary.


Chuck is exercising with the Slingshot but when he stretches it too far, it breaks. Chuck panicks and starts whistling with his beak and moving away so the other birds would think that someone else did this, but bumps into Terence, who already witnessed Chuck's doing. 

In the next scene, Chuck shows off his toolbox which consisted of two stairs per side, but Terence is not surprised. Chuck takes out a measuring tape and uses it to see how far is the first Slingshot part from the second Slingshot part. He stretches the tape even more to measure how far Terence and the first Slingshot part are.

However, the meter is not long enough and it retracts at such a speed that it recoils into Chuck's beak. Chuck again shows off the toolbox that has four stairs each way, 1 hanger line each way, hangers on each line and a drawer with an antenna on top, but Terence is still not surprised.

Chuck now showes him a screw gun. Terence is however not surprised. Chuck tires to stick the rubber back to Slingshot's part, but the screw gun backfires, causing Chuck to be fired back into the toolbox.

Chuck gets infuriated by Terence's presence distracting him from fixing the slingshot. He adds a screen in front of Terence but Terence, in the blink of an eye, moves to the other side. Chuck tries to cover Terence with the cloth from the screen, but moves again to the other side, unclothed.

Chuck decides to ignore Terence and continue on his repairs.Terence stare on him, watching Chuck fixing the Slingshot, only to make it worse. Chuck manages to finish the repairs on the Slingshot, but as soon Chuck touches it, the slingshot goes down on him and sets on fire. When Chuck is out of the fire, he sees that Terence had quickly and effectively repaired the Slingshot, with a noticeable upgrade to it. Embarrassed, Chuck hides in his toolbox.

In the credits, Chuck is heard moaning in his toolbox.




Angry Birds Toons - Fix It! - S3 Ep8


  • In the background of this episode, Hog Head Mountain and the Crown Mountains can be seen in the distance.
  • For some unknown reason, the gnome from Oh Gnome! appeared in this episode as part of the rain of nails.
  • The slingshot Terence made resembled the Azure Slingshot of Angry Birds 2.
  • When Chuck woke up injured, he resembled his original corpse sprite from Angry Birds with the black eye, and messed up hair feathers.


  • Matilda, Red, Minion Pigs and King Pig are listed in the credits, even though they never appeared in the episode.