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Flight Club

Flight Club TC.jpg
Episode No. 4
Air Date March 31, 2017
Directed by Thomas Lepeska
Written by Jeff Hand
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Camp Out Hatch Off

Flight Club is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Blues.

Toons.TV Description

The brothers test Jay's paper plane making skills, but he will not be outdone by them and builds a giant jet plane to show off. Will he impress them?


Jay and Jim launch some paper airplanes into the air and then Jake attempts to launch one. He keeps preparing but one of them forces him to go. He launches the paper airplane but it lands face flat on the ground. The other two look at each other, confused. He then tries to do it again but it fails. Jake tries to demonstrate how to launch it but he keeps doing it his way and keeps failing. One of them later launches one and the other one is happy, but not Jay. He starts reading about how to make a paper airplane and to properly launch one. He trains and trains until he finally makes a huge paper airplane with rockets attached to it. Later, another hatchling looks at the airplane. He unveils the airplane to his siblings, which takes off into the sky and does a fantastic flight. The other two brothers are amazed and it lands perfectly on the ground. It turns out another hatchling rode the airplane. They later have fun with her by tossing her into the air, much to Jay's dismay. He chases them and the episode ends.


  • It is revealed Jay is nearsighted in this episode as while reading a book he is wearing eyeglasses.


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