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Flight in the Night is the fourth episode of Bad Piggies. It shows Ross walking with an egg on his back. And there is a new goal: to bring an egg with you to the goal. This update brings 2 new sandbox levels and another level called "Field of Dreams", an in-app purchase only for $2.99 and this level is different from other sandbox levels because you have to get 40 stars in the massive level. This level unlocks ropes and 3 more skulls to collect. It has 36 levels.

Starting from level 17, the player must be more cautious, as the Birds who were previously sleeping can wake up and attack Ross with the nearby slingshot. A circular meter shows when the sleeping bird is offscreen to notify the player how close it is about to wake up. Ideally, louder noises will cause the birds to wake up. Vehicles without motors, firecrackers, etc. are suggested, unless if the player is forced to move quickly.

Introduced Items[]

  • Ropes
  • Birds (Hazard)



  • The Birds make a cameo in this episode.
  • In level 4–10, it is possible to reach the ledge where the Birds are sleeping. Before level 4–17, there was no reward or punishment, as the Birds were sound sleepers.
  • When the Birds waken up, knowing their stolen eggs, they make Matilda's pullback chirp (pullback noise) in the Angry Birds game.
    • Notably, Matilda herself also appears in artwork for the game but doesn't appear here whatsoever.
  • The birds that appear in this episode are Red, Chuck and The Blues. Bomb also appeared in level 4–10, but he wasn't used for the slingshot after that level. They also use their respective powers (Not Bomb though).
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