Flip the Bird is an Angry Birds game that is available on Facebook Messenger.


How to Play

You must fit a bird into a hole. Once you do that, you will go to the next stage. If you fail, a bunch of birds will fall and your high-score will be displayed. There are a bunch of stages such as jungle,cobalt plateaus,etc.


Click this to watch the video.


  • This is one of the few Angry Birds games that doesn't feature any pigs.
  • The game uses the birds' both The Movie and Toons designs.
  • Flip the Bird is also a term for giving someone the middle finger.
  • Hal was given a new design in this game which has never been used before.
  • Matilda is also playable in this game if you unlock her.
  • This game, Bad Piggies, and Agri Birds are the only games in the Angry Birds series that don't have the words Angry Birds in its title.


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