Flock Favorites
Episode number 11
Levels 30
New features N/A
Released Part 1: July 22, 2014
Part 2: June 23, 2015
Game(s) Ab icon
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Short Fuse BirdDay 5

Flock Favorites is the eleventh episode of Angry Birds released on July 22, 2014. This episode consists of 15 levels created based on votes taken of fan-preferred Angry Birds levels[1], while another 15 were released June the following year, and all levels in this episode are recognized as the 29th theme. The level themes are all pulled from several past episodes, such as Red's Mighty Feathers, Surf and Turf, Poached Eggs, Short Fuse, Bad Piggies,... On June 23, 2015, 15 more levels were added in the episode in version 5.1.0.


[2]The episode is based on a survey, in which he was asked the players what where their favorite levels, and from that survey episode, 15 levels were created. Another 15 levels were released on June the following year.

Each level is based on the themes of previous episodes.



  • Flock Favorites is the second episode to re-use backgrounds from older episodes, the first being The Big Setup. Unlike The Big Setup, the settings are scrambled between the fifteen levels.
  • In the poster, while Red and Bomb have their special powers, Mighty Feathers and shockwave, Chuck is also seen, with a headlight strapped to his forehead.
    •  This is a reference to Mine and Dine, despite no actual upgrades were made to Chuck in the episode.


Angry Birds - Flock Favorites Episode Gameplay Trailer

Angry Birds - Flock Favorites Episode Gameplay Trailer

Video Annoucement

Flock Favorites on episode selection screen


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