Fly Piggy, Fly!
Fly Piggy, Fly!
Episode number 25
Air Date September 26, 2014
Written by Rémi Chapotot
Directed by Rémi Chapotot
Birds Unknown
Pigs Template:ToonsCharacters
Jammed The Game

Fly Piggy, Fly! is the twenty-fifth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Those piggies may not be very smart, but they sure are determined! This inventive piggy just won’t give up trying to get his machine up in the air!


A Minion Pig wants to fly with his contraption. So his first contraption is a square wooden block with a fan on top and he jumps in and starts to fly, but... he's too heavy! Next, the contraption is two wooden square blocks, two wheels, V8 motors, a spring... and of course, the fan. He jumps in his contraption and starts to bounce and fly with his contraption, still didn't work and his contraption bounce to the right. Failed again! Next contraption is better, three wooden blocks! With the wheels, the V8 motor, the fan, the spring... but this time he add the umbrella and a bottle of soda to help the fan. He bounce with the spring and decided to fly but suddenly, the soda bottle opens and... fly? No, his contraption goes upside down and then because of the umbrellas, the contraption falls down. Still fails! This time will work! His contraption now have four wooden blocks and the wheels, the motor, the fan and the spring again but he instead of a soda bottle, he put four rockets in his contraption! He jumps in and his contraption is flying off the ground and he's happy because his contraption works! But still stupid, the four rockets work in the same time, making him and his contraption flies to into the top of the background and then they and all the things that he put in his contraption falls down to the ground (except the wooden blocks and the motor). His contraption is now broken, but at least it's still work! No! At the last of the credit rolls, his contraption falls down after flying for a while.


  • The contraptions that were used in this episode are similar to those in the game Bad Piggies, so this can be considered the first time Bad Piggies contraptions are used in a Piggy Tales episode. All the contraptions can also be recreated in Sandbox Mode.
  • This episode uses a rocket similar to the one used in the episode Teeter-Trotter.
  • The credits theme is a remix of the Bad Piggies theme song.
  • The base for the contraptions (a big propeller with a wooden frame) can also fly quite slowly in the game Bad Piggies, but that feature was not used in this episode.
  • This is a milestone episode of Piggy Tales. Piggy Tales reached 25 episodes when this episode was released.



Piggy Tales- "Fly Piggy, Fly"

Piggy Tales- "Fly Piggy, Fly"

I can fly, i can fly!!


  • Yellow wood (exclusive appearance)
  • Red V8 Engine (exclusive appearance)
  • Green Umbrella (exclusive appearance)
  • Firework Rocket (exclusive appearance)
  • Big Propeller (exclusive appearance)
  • Small wheel (exclusive appearance)
  • Spring (exclusive appearance)

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