Food are objects in various games and instances throughout the Angry Birds franchise.


Donuts are objects and planet bases. They are donuts coated in pink frosting. They appear in the planet Utopia and other levels.


A Donut in Angry Birds Classic.

They also appear in Angry Birds. They appear in various places such as Theme 3-21 of Poached Eggs with the King Pig and in Birdday Party Cake 2 Level 15 on the far right.

Donuts can also be found in Angry Birds Seasons, two examples being Level 1-9 of Haunted Hogs and Level 1-12 of Easter Eggs.

They appear in Angry Birds Friends as well, including in the center of Level 6 of Week 191 in the Weekly Tournament, with two variations, the Donut Pig, that is the mix of a pig and a donut that acts as a enemy in the Pig Day Tournament and the golden donut, that gives 5000 points when detroyed in the Junk Food Tournament.

HD Utopia Donut

Donut in Utopia

Waffle Wall


Waffle Wall Texture

Waffle Walls are the textures of Utopia. They are indestructible, even by Space Eagle. They appear only in Utopia. They are made out of waffles and appear in various shapes, some of they come with syrup.



  • The Waffle Walls were Wafer Walls before, but they were later replaced with Waffle Walls. Chocolate and Honey were suggested to be the liquid that was dipping from it but syrup was chosen.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pies appear in the planet Utopia, in the game Angry Birds Space. Key Lime Pies are indestructible. Also, Key Lime Pies are shown variously in the second page of the planet of utopia. They are a bit bouncy, but work more as a object to hold things such as bouncy strawberry jelly or structures.


They are a piece of pie with lime jello on top.


Jell-O Peices

Jell-O pieces that appear in Utopia

Jell-O is a material used in Angry Birds Space. It is first seen in Utopia 4-1 . They appear in most levels of Utopia and some levels of Red Planet. Jell-O is like trampoline in ABO. Like other objects, this object cannot be be destroyed.


Jell-O in Utopia 4-2


Utopia Lollipop

Utopia Lollipop

Lollipops are special items worth 3000 points in Utopia in Angry Birds Space. They are destroyed with any bird, except for Blue Bird. The Lollipops also appear as special items in bubbles when you get 3 stars on all the levels, plus the Space Egg Bonus Levels (Excluding the Danger Zone), and get 100% Total Destruction by using the Space Eagle to get feathers in all the levels, plus the Sardine Can Bonus Levels (NOTE: This was from V 1.3.1 and Onward).



Utopia Popcorn

Popcorn in Utopia

Popcorn is a recurring food in the Angry Birds Series.

In Angry Birds Space


Utopia 4-3 is the first appearance of popcorn and kernels.

In Angry Birds Space, popcorn and kernels debut in level 4-3. Popcorn mainly starts as a kernel, and then when a bird hits it it will turn into three pieces of popcorn, similar to the ice meteorites on the planet Cold Cuts. Popcorn is only seen on the planet Utopia.

In level 4-30, there's a popcorn maker (In the format of a kebab) which produces popcorn to Fat Pig. Hitting it will make explosive popcorn, which is harmful to the pig.

In Angry Birds Seasons

Seasons Popcorn

Popcorn in Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, popcorn is debuted as a small, easy to destroy object. It appears in some levels, but the main level that it appears is in the Popcorn Day Level from Pig Days. There is also a sack with popcorn object, but it's also easy to destroy. However, the sack and popcorn are not separated.

In Angry Birds Friends

In Angry Birds Friends, they are small objects that are easy to destroy. They don't give a bunch of points. They debuted in the Movie Hype Tournament and appeared more commonly in the tournaments ever since.

There's also a popcorn sack and it's also easy to destroy.



Tomato in Angry Birds Space

Tomatoes are seen in Angry Birds Telepizza. They are 1000 points. They also appear in some Eggsteroids levels in Angry Birds Space that have a varying amount of points.


Cakes are Items in Birdday Party. They are worth 3000 points when destroyed. In the latest update of Angry Birds, an exploding cake appears, but when you hit it, it turns into frosting-like balls, similar to TNT Crates. But they don't explode. Also, in the current version, they won't award you points. There's also a special cake in level 18-15 of Birdday Party that can be collected as a reward.

In Angry Birds Seasons, they also appear and are worth the same number of points. There are different types but give the same number of points.

They also appear in Angry Birds Friends, where are more found commonly. They worth 5000 points when destroyed. There are a lot of variations of the cake.

In Bad Piggies, they are used to feed King Pig and are the objective of Rise and Swine.



Utopia Cookie

Cookies in Angry Birds Space

Cookies are objects that appear oftenly in the Angry Birds series . They serve as planets in Utopia and some are made
Angry Cookie

Gingerbread Red.

out of gingerbread.

Angry Birds Seasons

The cookies appear in the game as Gingerbread Cookies, they come in the shape of Red, Pig, Star, Flower and Heart. They are easy to destroy.

Angry Birds Space

Cookies appear in Utopia as planets, they are like normal cookies with chocolate drops, they come various sizes and sometimes work as terrain for the Slingshot.

Angry Birds Friends

Gingerbread Cookies appear in the Holiday Tournaments, they formerly had their Angry Birds Seasons designs, but since the Hogiday Tournament , they have new design with some of them having more colours and one shaped like an egg.

Angry Birds Blast

Cookie Planets appear in the background of the Space section of the game.



Ham occurs in Angry Birds Classic.
Ham in game

A ham

 It seems to be false. It appears in many levels, an example includes Poached Eggs or Mighty Hoax. You get 500 points if you destroy it. They appear mainly in the Bacon Day level of Angry Birds Seasons's Pig Days episode, where various of them appear.

They aren't very easy to destroy but can be easily destroyed with Terence.

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