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These are Angry Birds related food merchandise.


An unofficial Red Pizza that was made by Pizza Hut Guatemala.[1]

Healthy Food Brands[]

Fruit Snacks[]

There have been a few different companies that Rovio has partnered with for fruit snacks, such being "Healthy Food Brands" in 2010.

Since around 2017, the original red, yellow, blue and green boxes can be seen at dollar stores, but with different fruit snack shapes such as emojis (presumably to decrease the amount of leftover package stock).

Popping/Exploding Candy[]

Back in around February 2013, a company called "Healthy Food Brands" distributed popping candy in many different forms, such as in chocolate bars, packets and boxes with the Angry Birds Classic and Star Wars licenses.

Ice Cream[]

There also have been other Ice Cream brands as well, like Popsicle (International) and Wells Enterprises (North America).[2]


During May 2012, Nestlé did a collaboration with Angry Birds where with each Ice Cream bar would come with a collectible figure with there being a small possibility of getting a gold variant of The Blues or Matilda.


The frozen yogurt (also known as "fro-yo") was a partnership between TCBY and Rovio in 2014-2018 that brought many character branded flavors and toppings to their locations.

Dairy Queen[]

In 2019 for the release of The Angry Birds Movie 2, Rovio and Dairy Queen partnered to manufacture custom Blizzard cups of Red, Chuck, Silver and Minion Pigs.


In 2016, Rovio partnered with Yoplait to make Angry Birds Frubes to promote The Angry Birds Movie.


Around 2014, Rovio partnered with Nabisco to introduce Angry Bird related food products like Honey Maid's and Cheese Nips.


Rovio would partner with Leibniz in late 2019 for the promotion of The Angry Birds Movie 2 with Bird Codes on the packaging for Angry Birds Explore.[3]




In South American countries such as Chile and Colombia, there was a launch of "Angry Chips" (Papas Angry) with the Angry Combo meal.


During the release of The Angry Birds Movie in Singapore, McDonalds created the "Super Red Burger" that included Lettuce, tomatoes, egg, yellow sauce, crispy chicken and a red bun. The box that held the burger contained Red with his arms attached to the sides of the box. There was also a pig version with a pork patty, egg and green buns. There were also McFlurry flavors based on Red and the pigs. There were also custom McDonald's Happy Meal toys and boxes to go with the promotion.


During 2012-2013 and 2016, Gullon made Angry Birds themed Dibus and Tuesties.


During the wait for The Angry Birds Movie 2 in one year, Rovio and Hostess partnered to advertise the game series on pastry goods such as Twinkies. This promo gave the buyer $5 worth of free gems in the game plus a chance to win a trip of 4 to Hawaii sponsored by Delta Airlines.[4]


Near the release of Angry Birds GO!, Myllyn Paras introduced some Angry Birds cereals in 2014. During the release of the Angry Birds Movie 2 in 2019, Rovio partnered with [Brand Unknown] to bring the people of Egypt Angry Bird themed versions of popular cereal types, titled "Angry Birds: ___ (Invading, Landing + Exploring) Egypt".[5]

There was also another company called "Sweetbox Factory" that released Angry Birds-branded cornflake cereal for the (at the time) upcoming release of The Angry Birds Movie 2.[6]



Around 2013, Rovio and Pez Candy partnered to make an exclusive box set that had Angry Bird characters on them like Red, Stella, Minion Pig, Bomb and more. They also have made custom Pez dispensers for the The Angry Birds Movie and its sequel during 2016 and 2019.


Around mid to late 2020, Rovio and Stokson Modern Bakery partnered to create mini donuts for promoting the Angry Birds Movie 2 in Poland.[7] Also Prior to that around 2013, Rovio and Fazer created Angry Birds styled pastries as well, but with the classic designs on them. There were also Mooncakes released during 2011 in China. In April 2014, Mrs. Fields collaborated to produce Angry Birds-themed cookie cakes.[8][9]

Gelatin Cups[]

A company named Jacky Makupala introduced some Angry Birds themed gelatin and pudding cups.


Around 2012, Rovio and Poco Loco partnered together to create Angry Birds shaped corn chips that were Ketchup and salted flavored. Partnerships with other companies like Frito Lays also occurred during this time as well.

Also in 2012, Cheetos had a collaboration with Angry Birds in Slavic/Western Asian countries such as Russia and Turkey for giveaways.

In 2016, Cheetos in Poland gave away The Angry Birds Movie stickers in packages.


For the release of The Angry Birds Movie in 2016, Peperami and Sony Pictures held a collaboration where contestants can win "an action packed holiday" either in the Mediterranean (fly-boarding) or Barcelona (tree house) and "win fun stuff".[10]


Rovio has also partnered with beverage manufacturers as well, including Surprise Drinks (Strawberry Kiwi and Apple). The company would first produce their own soda and would go to outsell Coca-Cola and Pepsi during late 2012.[11]

Fruit Shoot[]

Main article: Angry Birds Skills

Keurig Dr. Pepper[]

During October 2019 Keurig Dr. Pepper and Rovio partnered to incorporate The Angry Birds Movie 2 characters in Halloween costumes. There was a Bird Code on the packaging so the buyer can use the Angry Birds Explore app to take "Halloween Selfies" with different AR filters.

Live Brands Factory[]

In June 2023, it was revealed that Swedish food manufacturer Live Brands Factory will produce new Angry Birds drinks, ice cream and cake for the Swedish market.[12][13]


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