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Food Hunt is the second episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on November 17, 2018, alongside On The Other Side and Baby's Shaky Ride


With their sense of smell intact, the Angry Birds go in search of something to eat.


The episode starts with a brief cutaway of Chuck running in panic, because he has bubblegum stuck to his rear end. Soon, the episode jumps to a pair of humans reading a newspaper, their faces obscured. They learn about Red, Chuck and Bomb's disappearance from the game, upsetting them. In the meantime, the trio are walking through, under the bench they are on, with Red leading. He admits his fears, not knowing anything in the world they are in, and that he is unsure of how they can deal with the situation, much like how they've dealt with the Pigs numerous times. Chuck and Bomb are perfectly calm, however, and try to help Red. But they are soon stopped when they smell somebody's pie. The trio get enamored by it, and try to find out the source. All they find initially are some used diapers, poor shoes, anything trash. They soon find the supposed source--some fried on the ground, being eaten by pigeons (or as Chuck calls them, flying rats). While Bomb is on board to eat with the pigeons, Red points out the pie on the windowsill that they could eat. However, Bomb and Chuck question how he could get up there, reminding him how he couldn't cross the street from earlier. Annoyed, Red tries to give a tiny speech to inspire them, but it doesn't work all that well. Chuck and Bomb simply join in with the pigeons, liking the food they have, which makes Red feel disappointed. Meanwhile, the mysterious stranger who had been watching them earlier sees a news headline on their laptop, learning about the birds' disappearance. They soon fetch a net from their supply closet, and goes to find the trio.



Food Hunt/Transcript



  • This episode was re-released on December 8, 2018, in "Compilation Part One - Ep1-5".
  • A reference to Angry Birds Space is made when Red is confused about the place.



Angry Birds on The Run - Food Hunt - S1 Ep2

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