Francis is an Angry Birds Evolution bird that could be obtained in the hatchery in the King Francis Returns Event.


After he got abducted by extraterrestrial pigs fans, Francis managed to become an instant intergalactic star with hits like "Don't be a cruel Bird" and "Get lucky with the Pigs". Nevertheless, he couldn’t leave Bird Island in the hands of musicians like Piggy Pears and the Backstreet Birds so he decided for a spectacular comeback tour!



He is a fat white bird with green eyes with blue pupils and blue circles around them, he also has a small oval dark blue beak, feet of the same color a small puff of hair and a white tail with various feathers. He wears a blue belt with a silver buckle and a large dome with a metal support that has a cork. There is also an air tank that is being held by the belt.


Based on Vitas, he now has silver hair on his head, wears a metal suit with a blue belt and various corkscrews, there also two rings present on each shoulder of the suit. The air tank is still present and there is now an antenna on the dome.

Getting Lucky with Pigs Evolution

Based on Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Francis now wears a Daft Punk golden helmet with two yellow pixelated eyes, also golden gloves, a white scientist suit and a red bowtie. The air tank is now torpedo-shaped, has golden squares on it and it's mostly golden.

Francis!!! Marry Me!! Evolution

Based on Elvis Presley, he has an Elvis forelock, wears black glasses, a red and white bodysuit with various golden dots on it and his belt is now silver with a golden buckle. The air tank is now tube-shaped, golden and a red star is present.


Secret Crush

Francis' voice pierces through all pigs in range to deal 585 damage. Affected pigs might fall in love with Francis and have a chance to heal the birds for 7% health on their next turn.

Secret Crush (Evolution)

Francis' voice pierces through all pigs in range to deal 1866 damage. Affected pigs might fall in love with Francis and have a chance to heal the birds for 7% health on their next turn.

Getting Lucky With Pigs

Francis' voice pierces through all pigs in range to deal 2600 damage. Being charmer of the innocent housewife-pig and secret crush of manly construction-workers, affected pigs have a high chance to heal the birds for 7% health on their next turn.

Francis!! Marry Me!!

Francis' voice pierces through all pigs in range to deal 2600 damage. Affected pigs might fall in love with Francis and have a chance to heal the birds for hefty 10% health on their next turn. The lifelong (Backstage) love of the King's fans is all you need!

Leader Skill

All power up effects are 30% stronger and double the chance to get power ups from knocked out pigs.

Awaken Skill

Buffs the Health of teammates left and right from the bird by 20%

Bird Information


When she is in her first level, it is less than 1000, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.


When she is in her first level, it is less than 1000, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

When she is in her first level, she gives less than 1100 Bird Power to the team, but she can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 300 White Evolution material to evolve her. It then costs 780 Evolution Material and 25 White Essense to evolve her to a last evolution.

The income of White Evolution Material and Coins when selling her varies according to her level.


  • His appearence is similar to Matilda 's classic appearance.
  • The appearance of Francis in the evolution Getting lucky with pigs” is an allusion to Guy Manuel de Omen-Cristo, a French musician and member of the musical duo Daft Punk, and the appearance in the evolution “Francis!! Marry me” refers to Elvis Presley, an American singer, and actor
  • When closing the eyes, a bug may occur when his pupils and irises will still be visible.
  • The music in his bio are a reference to Don't be Cruel by Elvis Presley and Get Lucky from Daft Punk. Piggy Pears and Backstreet Birds are a reference to Peter Pears and Backstreet Boys respectively.
  • His abilities' descriptions are one of the ones that have jokes or non-game terms in them.


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