Friends Whenever
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Episode number 15
Air Date October 9, 2015
Written by Bernice Vanderlaan
Directed by Ami Lindholm
Birds Gale Stella Poppy Luca Willow Dahlia
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New Day Night of the Bling

Friends Whenever is the second episode of season 2 of Angry Birds Stella and the fifteenth overall. This was premiered on the Toons.TV app on October 9, 2015, along with the previous episode New Day.

Toons.TV Description

An injured Gale is nursed back to health with some help from her old friends. Without the all-powerful golden crown, and accompanying army of piggies, the flock can finally get back to the way things were in the good old days, right?


The episode begins with Gale ascending a bridge into her castle, albeit with minor struggle due to her injuries back in the season 1 finale. Gale is able to reach the entrance to her castle, to find that her minion pigs have followed her, but have not yet crossed the bridge. Gale attempts to communicate with the pigs (possibly a command), but ends up tripping on her speech. The camera pans towards the minion pigs, looking confused. At first, it seemed as though they were trying to understand Gale; however, it is revealed that Gale's crown is missing.

Gale, desperate to get the pigs to obey her, dons a bucket on her head and then tries again to convey what she wants, but cannot do so without her having trouble speaking. The pigs initially show concern and confusion towards Gale, but that's until one of the pigs realizes that he is standing atop of a mud puddle, and decides to jump in it, encouraging other pigs to jump in mud puddles as well.

Gale is repulsed by this sight and she becomes frustrated to the point of screaming; however, she ends up falling from the castle entrance to the bottom of the sloping bridge. Upon Gale's landing, the pigs stop to see what happened, and the only pig that actually comes to Gale's side is, of course, Handsome Pig. When the aforementioned pig is at Gale's side, she asks him for a favor, whilst the camera pans towards the home of Stella and her friends. Handsome Pig, of course, accepts her favor.

The next morning, an injured Gale is escorted by Handsome Pig to Stella's friends' home. Meanwhile, Stella, mourning over Gale, looks on at Gale's old treehouse and sighs, but she is disturbed by the sound of gasping. Stella, expecting trouble, scowls as she descends from the tree branch to the ground.. to find her best friend.

Upon seeing Gale alive, Stella runs towards Gale with happiness, and the feeling is mutual. Gale begins to cry out in pain, and Stella takes Gale to a treehouse to get Gale nursed back to health. It isn't just Stella caring for Gale, it's revealed that all of the flock expresses concern for Gale. Dahlia enters the treehouse with a magnifying glass, and uses it to further analyze a gash on Gale's head. Dahlia then wraps bandages on Gale's head, and when Gale looks in the mirror, she becomes repulsed at the way it was wrapped. Stella, knowing Gale's preferences, fixes the bandages to better suit her.

The scene changes to Stella feeding Gale fruit and Luca fanning her with a leaf, and then Poppy and Dahlia enter the treehouse with a makeshift wheelchair (a wheel barrow with a pillow on it, not to mention it is filthy). Gale is disgusted by this sight, and turns the other cheek. Poppy and Dahlia realize this, and build another wheelchair, this time it's reminiscent of a royal chair. Gale is impressed by this.

Meanwhile, the scene cuts to Handsome Pig making his way back to the castle, but then is distracted by a shiny object nearby. The shiny object turns out to be a golden fork covered with dirt, and Handsome Pig gets an idea, and runs off.

The scene cuts back to Gale in her makeshift wheelchair, she lays down.. bored. Gale then gets up from her wheelchair and goes toward a mirror to look at how she looks. Upon hearing a knock on the door, Gale immediately lays back down in her makeshift wheelchair. When the door is opened, it turns out to be Willow. Willow walks into the treehouse with an object in-hand and bids Gale a good night before leaving the treehouse. Gale, noticing what Willow has done, gets out of her wheelchair to investigate what it was. It turns out to be a new cloth that Willow has made for her, and Gale revels in her new cloth. She realizes that if she wore her crown, she'd look even more like royalty, and upon that realization, she looks out the window to see her castle. She expresses a longing for her old home.

The next morning, the flock awaits Gale's arrival to the main floor of the tree home, and make themselves look presentable (to Luca's dismay). Gale descends to the main floor via a makeshift elevator, and everybody, except Dahlia, is impressed. The scene cuts to Handsome Pig sniffing the ground at the same volcano that appears in the season 1 finale, and when he sees that same "X" on a rock, he digs underground and ends up finding Gale's crown.

Back at the tree home, Stella and her friends play music for Gale, and the former is impressed by this, and sings alongside Stella. Stella asks Gale if she wishes to sing alongside her, and Gale accepts. At first, the gang deprecates this action, but then warm up to it. Later that night, Handsome Pig shows up and sings a few lines of the song, whilst holding Gale's crown. Upon this, Gale stops singing and glances at her crown, and lands near Handsome Pig, spinning him around with glee. At first laughing gleefully, Gale dons the crown and begins to laugh evilly, and ascends into the air with newfound energy. Stella looks dumbfounded alongside her friends to realize that Gale's healthiness was restored by her crown, and Stella and her friends look at Gale with confusion and fear, knowing what happens whenever she puts on that crown. Gale flies down to the ground, with Stella looking over the edge of the tree to find Gale being escorted by her minions back to her castle.

Stella, furious, goes after Gale, but Poppy bites her tail and Stella's friends hold her back, convincing her that going after Gale won't solve anything. Gale looks back towards her minions, and expresses a brief feeling of remorse, but soon reverts to her evil self. Gale is escorted as the camera pans up towards the sky, with Gale's castle in the distance.

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  • There may be a break from Angry Birds Stella due to the upcoming episodes from Angry Birds Toons season 3.
  • A fork reminded Handsome Pig about Gale's golden crown, making a reference about the title, A Fork in the Friendship.

Name Origin

The episode's name might be a reference to a show on Disney Channel called Best Friends Whenever


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