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Fringy, Harbinger Of Doom (formerly called Miffy, Harbinger of Doom) is an Angry Birds Evolution bird that can be obtained during events such as the Easter Escape, her debuting event.


A product of careless gene-splicing at Bacon Biotech, Fringy is a one-of-a-kind bird-rabbit-hybrid that was originally designed as an entertaining Easter hostess for Don Bacon's Egg Hunt. As usual, things didn't really go as planned as Fringy gained various pseudo-satanic magical, radioactive powers in the process and is making her way back to Bird Village.



She is a small white hatchling bird with a pink belly, an orange small beak with buck teeth and feet of the same color, purple separated hair near her white rabbit ears with pink skin where the left ear is bent down, two large eyes with purple irises and eyelashes, and a purple tail.


Her hair is bigger, her irises are lighter, the tail has more feathers, her eyes are almost closed and there's a purple badly drawn star on her belly and on her back.

Adorable Crossfire Evolution[]

She is older now, and her irises and pupils are smaller and she has a bunch of white hair near the ears which are all in the same position. She wears a dark blue shirt with a lighter collar, a silver zipper and a red button on the right. She also wears a pink glove on the left wing, a golden glove on the right one, two golden goggles with transparent lens above the eyes and a golden machine with a glass at her back.

Adorable Chain Lightning Evolution[]

She is still old, there is more white hair, her eyeballs are purple, the pupil is like one of a predator, the irises are glowing, there's an extra eye in the middle, the teeth become fangs and there are dark purple small horns. She wears a dark blue vampire tuxedo.


Adorable Plasma Bolt Rank 1[]

Shoots a plasma beam, dealing 488 damage that is increased by 10% for each pig inside the lane.

Adorable Plasma Bolt Rank 1 (Evolution)[]

Shoots a plasma beam, dealing 1555 damage that is increased by 10% for each pig inside the lane.

Adorable Crossfire Rank 1[]

Shoots three plasma beams, dealing 650 damage that is increased by 30% for each pig inside the lane. Pigs in reach are pulled inside the lane with rising strength per beam.

Adorable Chain Lighting Rank 1[]

Shoots a strong plasma beam that links pigs in lane to a chain, dealing 2275 damage that is increased by 40% for each pig affected.

Leader Skill[]

Egg-Cellent Leader[]

Increases attack power of birds in team according to color variety. Depending on the number of colors used, attack power increases up to +45% for a maximum of 5 colors used.

Awaken Skill[]

Damage against huge pigs increased by 31%

Bird Information[]


When she is in her first level, her health is less than 1000, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.


When she is in her first level, it is less than 1000, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power[]

When she is in her first level, she gives less than 1100 Bird Power to the team, but she can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 300 White Evolution material to evolve her. It then costs 780 Evolution Material and 25 White Essence to evolve her to her last evolution.

The income of White Evolution Material and Coins when selling her varies according to her level.





Angry Birds Evolution - Fringy, Harbinger of Doom

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