Fry Me to the Moon
Episode number 3
Levels 10
New features N/A
Released April 25, 2012
Game(s) Abs icon
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Cold Cuts Utopia

Fry Me to the Moon is the third episode in Angry Birds Space. It includes 10 levels, making it the smallest episode in terms of levels of any full Angry Birds app. The background is the same as Cold Cuts and has planets from both Cold Cuts and Pig Bang. Fry Me to the Moon has the same crystal mushrooms from Cold Cuts, which still give you 3,000 points.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Having rescued Ice Bird from the clutches of King Pig's claw ship, the Space Flock turned their attention to finding the space eggs. After travelling through the wormhole it was said that they could create black holes at will. Ice Bird spotted the shell shockers at the top of a snowy summit, but before the birds could get climbing, Space Foreman Pig appeared in his tractor beam pod. Grinning from beneath his bushy moustache, the old porker trapped the space eggs and zoomed back to the herd.


Starting: The Birds arrive on the moon of the ice galaxy, just in time to witness a Space Egg get stolen by a Foreman Pig.

Ending: The Birds defeat the Foreman Pig and retrieve the Space Egg.

New things

Technically, no new elements are introduced in the episode. However, the pigs in the space bubbles can move.


Fry Me to the Moon contains 10 levels and 2 bonus levels. Most levels are medium but has one hard level: Level 3-10.

Boss Fight

The boss of this episode is the Foreman Pig from the beginning cutscene, unlike other Angry Birds Space bosses, however, the battle is more like standard levels where the player has to get every pig (including the Foreman Pig). The player can defeat the Foreman Pig and his allies any way they choose. When the Foreman Pig and his allies are defeated, he will relinquish the Space egg and the player will complete the episode, also, the boss music does not play.


Eggsteroid 5: 3-5

Eggsteroid 6: 3-9


  • The title is a reference to the 1954 popular song "Fly Me to the Moon" written by Bart Howard, along with the movie of the same name.
  • The Fry Me To The Moon planet is the smallest planet among the planets on the episode selection screen.
  • Level 3-10 resembles Seattle's Space Needle. This was also where a giant replica of Super Red was placed during the celebration of the launch of Angry Birds Space.
  • It is the first planet to be released in an update.
  • King Pig does not appear in the boss level, possibly due to being defeated in the previous episode (Cold Cuts).
  • The Fry Me to the Moon planet looks identical to the Cold Cuts planet except for a gigantic bite mark and the Moon's absence of the Fat Pig frozen inside. The Fat Pig may have escaped from Cold Cuts and taken a bite out of it before going to Utopia or had taken a bite before freezing.
  • The boss fight has both a Space Egg and an Eggsteroid.
  • It is possible that Fry Me To The Moon is the moon of Cold Cuts since both planets are frozen. Also supporting this guess, Cold Cuts can be seen in the distance in the ending cutscene.  
  • In this episode, Ice Bird only appears in the last level.
  • Although the Moon in real life appears to be made out of rock, the Fry Me To The Moon planet is made out of ice.



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