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Full Metal Chuck is the third episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This is the debut of Jay, Jake, and Jim. It was aired on March 31, 2013.

Name origins

The title of this episode utilizes the phrase "Full Metal", which describes someone who will stop at nothing to achieve his or her goals.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck puts the Blues through their paces on a military training course, but who will come out on top?



Jay, Jake, and Jim are sleeping in the slingshot but Chuck wakes them up. His intention is to do an obstacle course with the Blues.

He starts by showing them how to climb a log wall. The Blues are reluctant to try so Chuck demonstrates his first stage by jumping right over the log wall and back onto the top. The Blues do the exact same thing, but faster than Chuck, who becomes jealous at their performance.

In the next stage, Chuck demonstrates the act of jumping through tires, but he get stuck in one, and rushed back to the Blues. However, Jim lits the obstacle course on fire, worrying Chuck. They perform the task much quicker and efficient than Chuck, and without getting stuck in the tires due to their small size. Again, Chuck gets jealous of them and goes to the Slingshot, where the Blues had slept in.

The Blues then challenge Chuck into flinging himself with the Slingshot blindfolded, with a straightjacket, fire on his head, chains and an anchor attached to him. He launches himself, but crashes onto a cliff and gets stuck up there. The Blues go back to sleep in the slingshot, unwilling to help Chuck, who attemptes to get their attention unsuccessfully by struggling to get to his whistle with his beak.

In the credits, Chuck can still be heard crying for help to get him off the cliff.




While Chuck is flying towards the cliff, one of the Blues say something that sounds like "Bye!".


  • In the title card, the name of the writer is misspelled as "Ian Carny" instead of Ian Carney.
  • In the title card and the coming soon poster, Chuck's whistle is red, but in the episode, it is blue.



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