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Fun Game Coding is a 12-part series aired in 2016 on Toons.TV hosted by Patrick Liu (head of studio at Rovio) that combines all-new Angry Birds animation with insightful instructions from tech-savvy Rovio employees, aimed at introducing audiences to fun and basic coding skills that make Angry Birds games so popular. It was later uploaded through early 2018 and in a compiled form on April 23rd & May 21st, 2020 through the Angry Birds' official YouTube channel.


Thumbnail Chapter Name Episode # Description
Clever Problem Solving E1.jpg Clever Problem Solving 1 Coding is basically problem solving, coming up with clever ways to make things happen on a screen.
Story-Telling E2.jpg Story-telling 2 When we know a little bit more about the characters, playing games makes more sense!
Conditionals E3.jpg Conditionals 3 A simple way of telling the computer what to do is to give them instructions. These are what we call conditionals!
Sound Design E4.jpg Sound Design 4 Games would be far less exciting without sound design and music!
Game Mathematics E5.jpg Game Mathematics 5 There are many things to calculate when coding games. So knowing a little bit of math is pretty important.
Character Design E6.jpg Character Design 6 When designing characters, it's good to know what the game will be like and what role each character has in the game.
Algorithms E7.jpg Algorithms 7 An algorithm is basically a step by step instruction for completing a task.
Game Level Design E8.jpg Game Level Design 8 Learn what are the key elements to think about when designing a level for a game!
Looping E9.jpg Looping 9 Quite often something happens in the game repeatedly and because you don't want to write the same code again and again and again and again and again... the looping will help you!
Functions E10.jpg Functions 10 Functions are like tasks for a computer, just like tasks that your parents might give you…
Testing and Bugs E11.jpg Testing and Bugs 11 Being a game tester might be the coolest job in the world! Watch more to see why… : )
Putting it All Together E12.jpg Putting it All Together 12 Games + Coding = FUN



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