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ABMovie2 Garry.png
Gender Male
Species Pig (Sus Scrofa Domesticus)
Size Small
Abilities Shoots 2 Coffee Cups
Strength Moderate
First appearance The Angry Birds Movie 2
Latest appearance Angry Birds Reloaded
Voiced by Sterling K. Brown

Garry is a pig who appeared in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Angry Birds Reloaded as a major character. He is voiced by Sterling K. Brown.


He is a short green pig who has a dark green mustache below his snout, a goatee of the same color below his mouth, and dark green hair that seems to be wet. He wears orange glasses, a beige jacket with a white tank top or T-shirt, and white shoes. He seems to always bring a coffee cup with him.


Garry seems to be one of the smartest pigs of them all. He is great at inventing tools, such as Invisi-Spray and other crazy inventions. He is a big friend of Leonard, helping him and the birds. He also seems to be very serious and speaks with a British accent.

Game Appearences

Angry Birds Reloaded

Garry Reloaded.png

Garry appears in this game as a playable character in numerous levels in all 3 Eagle Island episodes. His power is a reskin of The Blues but he instead shoots two coffee cups.


Angry Birds Friends!

Garry appeared in Angry Birds Friends! on the Prank Wars Tournament , where he was a normal Medium Pig with hair, goatee and glasses, however, items could appear separately. He had no special ability or strength, remaining  the same as of a Medium Pig.

Angry Birds Tennis (Cancelled)

Garry appeared in Angry Birds Tennis as an opponent. Like all the characters, he used a 3D model that is new. He played tennis the same way as the other characters but his special power is unknown as he is unplayable.


  • Sterling K. Brown, who voices Garry, would later go on to work with Josh Gad, the voice of Chuck, on the Disney movie: Frozen 2.


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