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Garry is a pig who is a major character in the Angry Birds series.


Garry is a short green pig who has a dark green mustache below his snout, a goatee of the same color below his mouth, and dark green hair that seems to be wet. He wears orange glasses, a beige jacket with a white tank top or T-shirt, and white shoes. He seems to always bring a coffee cup with him.


Based inside the Pig Lab is Garry, the arrogant inventor responsible for developing the coolest and latest gadgets to help the piggy team on their mission (including Invisi-Spray). He’s like the pig world’s version of “Q” from the James Bond movies, only his inventions aren’t that good.[1]



The Angry Birds Movie 2

ABGO MechanicPig2.png
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Game appearances

Angry Birds Friends

Garry, from Angry Birds Friends.

In Angry Birds Friends, Garry appeared in the Prank Wars Tournament, where he was a normal Medium Pig with hair, goatee and glasses, however, items could appear separately. He had no special ability or strength, remaining  the same as of a Medium Pig.

Angry Birds Tennis

Garry, from Angry Birds Tennis.

In Angry Birds Tennis, Garry appeared as an opponent and a playable character who could be unlocked from bags. Like all the characters, he used a 3D model that is new. He played tennis the same way as the other characters but his special power is a type of mud ability that slows down his opponent. However the rest is unknown as the game is currently unplayable.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Garry, from Angry Birds Reloaded.

In Angry Birds Reloaded, Garry appears as a playable character in numerous levels in all 3 Eagle Island episodes. His power is a reskin of The Blues but he instead shoots two coffee cups.


Concept art









  • Sterling K. Brown, who voices Garry, would later go on to work with Josh Gad, the voice of Chuck, in the Disney movie Frozen 2.
  • The website only mentions the Movie Dimension version of Garry instead of showcasing his appearance in Reloaded and Friends.
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