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Gate Crasher is the twenty-third episode of Angry Birds Toons.

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The pigs finally capture the eggs, but Chuck is determined to get through the gates of Pig City, even if it means using his head.


Chuck is chasing three Bad Piggies who managed to steal the Eggs. One of them locks a very durable metal gate using a machine that locks it. Chuck tries to peck the gate many times in an attempt to destroy, but his beak misshapes, while the pigs laughed at him. One of them licks the egg and Chuck gets angry.

Chuck makes attempts to penetrate the gate; drilling the gate with his beak which catches on fire and using a log as a battering ram to destroy it ,all to no avail, with the pigs continuously laughing at his failures.  Red arrives, noticing  Chuck trying to hit the gate many times.  Red finds a secret wooden door opened beside the gate, never minding Chuck and goes in.

Chuck gets a plan; he brings the Slingshot and Chuck extends the elastic band of it until it reaches to the sea. He launches, travelling to the gate at a high speed, not noticing Red already took down the minion pigs and opened the locked gate. Chuck passes through it, destroying nearly everything in Pig City.

Chuck is surprised to find Red already dealing with the pigs and brings the Eggs while whistling. Chuck smiles and walk away with Red, but the gate directly closes in his way causing Chuck to be stuck. Despite being a way around the gate, Chuck angrily hits the gate in order to destroy it. Red sees him and sighs, continuing to walk away as Chuck keeps hitting the gate.

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  • This is the 11th episode to have its name changed. The original title of this was Gatecrasher.
  • This was supposed to be the 25th episode of Angry Birds Toons, but was not due to an order change.
  • When Chuck finally approves of his slingshot distance to destroy the gate, it sounds like he may be growling out the word "Tweet."
  • This is the first episode to have Chuck in the title card without having his name in the title. Some of the episodes that have Chuck's name and appearance in the title card are Chuck Time, Full Metal Chuck, Thunder Chuck, and Run Chuck Run.
  • Once again, the theme song from Chuck Time to Off Duty, Slappy-Go-Lucky, Run Chuck Run and Egg's Day Out makes an appearance in the intro.
  • The part where Chuck goes through the trunk he tried to use against the gate seems to be a reference to his wood-breaking specialty in the games.


  • When Chuck travelled by the slingshot, he had a patch in his head, but after the incident when the stones and the buildings crushed, when he ran, it disappeared.
  • Sometimes, the keyhole from the city gate disappear.



Angry Birds Toons - Gate Crasher - S1 Ep23

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