Gate Crasher
G Crasher
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Episode number 23
Air Date August 18, 2013
Written by Ian Carney
Directed by Kari Juusonen
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Gate Crasher is the twenty-third episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

The pigs finally capture the eggs, but Chuck is determined to get through the gates of Pig City, even if it means using his head.


Chuck got angry and chased the Bad Piggies to get the eggs they stole. One of them locked the very durable metal gate using a machine that locks it and Chuck hit it, and they laughed. Then, Chuck pecked the gate many times in an attempt to destroy, his beak misshaped, and the pigs laughed continuously. One of them licked the egg and Chuck got angry.

Then, he drilled the gate and his beak lit on fire and the pigs, again, laughed. Then, he had a plan; he used a log as a battering ram to destroy it, but when it hit the gate, he made a hole at the center of the log and he ended up hitting the gate like the beginning, and the pigs, once again, laughed. Chuck started to feel dizzy, then he staggered backward and fell backwards. Red came, noticing him, and Chuck continued to hit the gate many times, but Red found a secret wooden door opened beside it, never minded Chuck and came in.

Chuck had a plan; he brought the slingshot and Chuck extended the elastic band of it until it reached to the sea, Then, he travelled to the gate and Red noticed, so he took down the minion pigs and opened the locked gate and Chuck passed through it, causing to destroy the buildings and crushing the other stones in it, thus destroying the city itself as well as making a few large dessert stones fall down.

Chuck ran and growled to fight the pigs, but noticed that Red beat up all the Minion pigs. Chuck was surprised. Red brought the eggs while whistling and Chuck smiled and walked away with Red, but the gate directly closed, causing Chuck to be stuck. After getting himself out, he tried to hit the gate many times angrily with no other reason. Red saw it and never minded Chuck about it and walked away with the Eggs as Chuck continued in doing it.

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  • This is the 11th episode to have its name changed. The original title of this was Gatecrasher.
    • However, The title was has a space between "Gate" and "crasher"
  • This was supposed to be the 25th episode of Angry Birds Toons, but was not due to an order change.
  • When Chuck finally approves of his slingshot distance to destroy the gate, it sounds like he may be growling out the word "Tweet."
  • This is the first episode to have Chuck in the title card without having his name in the title. Some of the episodes that have Chuck's name and appearance in the title card are Chuck Time, Full Metal Chuck, Thunder Chuck, and Run Chuck Run.


  • When Chuck travelled by the slingshot, he had a patch in his head, but after the incident when the stones and the buildings crushed, when he ran, it disappeared.
  • Sometimes, the keyhole from the city gate disappear.


Angry Birds Toons Gatecrasher - S1 Ep23

Angry Birds Toons Gatecrasher - S1 Ep23

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