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General Grievous, also known as General Grunter,[1] (born on an unknown date on Kalee; died 19 BBY on Utapau) is a character that appears in the Angry Birds Star Wars series. He is a cyborg[1] who is a part of the Pork Side.


General Grievous is a reptile[1] covered in a white robotic suit, leaving only his eyes exposed. His eyes are yellow with black pupils.


General Grievous only appears in Angry Birds Star Wars II. While Anakin Skywalker had a duel against Count Dooku aboard a spaceship, Grievous used a escape pod to go to Mustafar, where he killed some disguised Stormtroopers.

In gameplay, General Grievous only appears in the first three levels of the Pork Side version of Revenge of the Pork, though he can also be used in any other level as a Power-Up. When launched, the player can tap onto the screen to make him swing four lightsabers in his top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. The lightsabers will easily slice through materials and kill enemies. General Grievous can also perform this attack when he is hit, though the player will only have one second to use it before they are unable to do so.

Powers and abilities


General Grievous is equipped with many Jedi lightsabers he can use to attack his opponents.






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