Get The Hammer is the ninth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Get The Hammer

Episode No. 9
Air Date June 12, 2015
Directed by Fabien Weibel
Written by Fabien Weibel
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Predicament in Paint Fabulous Fluke

Toons.TV Description

Reach for sky, receive hammer.

YouTube Description

Get ready for a game show like no other! Of pigs and men, not a good time to play! Or if somepig got slammed...


Three Minion Pigs are in a competition. The three pigs must build with their elements to get the golden hammer which is at the top. An another pig which is next to an alarm clock, talks to his microphone and then, he takes his horn out, and the competition begins. The first pig takes out a wooden box which has staircase for him to go up to the golden hammer. The second pig takes out some flat wooden blocks and put it on each other to climb while the third pig doesn't do anything and yawns as the time running. The first pig is continue putting staircase boxes on each other as he's making his way to the hammer, while the second pig just continue putting flat wooden blocks. And the third pig just looks at the other pigs and then makes a smiley face. The time is running out, as the first pig is almost got to the hammer, the second pig just continue puts on the flat wooden blocks, while the third pig just goes away and takes out a wooden box. The first pig has made his way to the hammer, now he just have to get the hammer, while the third pig, at the bottom, sit on the box and turn it around. The first pig then surprised because after looking at the word writing on the box's front, they have now realized that box is a TNT box. As the third pig looks into the sky for the hammer, the TNT explodes, made him to fly to the hammer exactly when the time runs out. Then, they hear the bell ringing. It was the alarm clock and after he looks at the result, he sounds the horn and declares that the third pig won the competition. The first pig falls along with the boxes.


  • This is the first Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work episode to not have the white background.
  • The episode name "Get The Hammer" is a pun on the line "Get The Camera!".
  • This is one of the episodes to have TNT.
  • When the pig gets the hammer, the announcer pig sounds like if he was saying Um vencedor in Portuguese (Un Vencedor in Spanish), which translates to A Winner! in english.


  • The pig sees the another pig on the TNT to get the hammer, the upside down hammer has changed right to left.


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And now, ready for a fantastic competition!

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