Getaway Graffiti
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Episode number 24
Air Date February 19, 2019
Written by Joonas Rissanen, Ulla Junell
Directed by Arnaud Janvier, Francois Dufour
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Getaway Graffiti is the twenty-fourth episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street.

YouTube Description

A sneaky graffiti artist proves too smart for his own art.


A graffiti artist pig tiptoes to see if no one is there. He starts to make graffiti to create "Piggy". A police officer pig catches the  and graffiti artist both run, but one of the graffiti bottles trip on the police officer. The creator returns and resumes creation. The police officer returns again with a whistle and runs, but once again the police officer trips in the graffiti bottles. The creator walks and resumes creation. A set of police officers appear nearby, tiptoeing. Suddenly, a police officer steps on a stick, which gets the creators attention. He gets surprised and starts to create a door. The police officers pigs get surprised and they try to open the door, but one of the police officers pigs bang on the door and try many methods to open it. One of the police officers paints a jail cell with plank blockers and the police officers celebrate. The creator gets attention but fails.


  • This episode (along with other episodes excluding Scary Fog and Holiday Heist) had been leaked on iTunes.
  • The name "Piggy" on the graffiti was actually the name from Piggy Tales.
  • On The Title Card, there are different Graffiti Sprays of the respective colors, but in the episode, they have the same colors.


Coming soon.


Piggy Tales 4th Street - Getaway Graffiti (EARLY RELEASE!)

Piggy Tales 4th Street - Getaway Graffiti (EARLY RELEASE!)

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