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ABMovie2 Glenn.png
Gender Male
Species Changeable Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus)
Size Large
Abilities Activating the Ice Ball Cannon.
Strength Normal
First appearance unknown
Voiced by Eugenio Derbez

Glenn is Eagle Island's top scientist helping bring Zeta's vision for a superweapon to life. Glenn is understandably nervous, knowing that his past few predecessors didn't keep their jobs long enough to see the weapon come to fruition. Zeta, and especially Glenn, are hoping that this time things will be different.


He is a Changeable hawk-eagle with a white body and head of the same color, brown arms, a yellow curved beak with a dark spot, feet of the same color, blue pupils and beige hair. He wears a green tie and black glasses.


Glenn is a scientist of Eagle Island as said above, he is goofy and worried, he helps Zeta on her plan of launching Ice Balls to the islands, he often sleeps below his desk on an inflatable rubber mattress, when he needs to urinate, he does it on plastic bottles and hides it inside a ridge. He has grandhatchlings, which he brought them to work, however, it was a nightmare. In one scene, Glenn can be seen singing Baby Shark as well as his workers hanging out with Bomb at The Regal Eagle.



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