Go Green, Get Lucky Golden Egg level 1 is a Golden Egg Level found in level 1-8 of Go Green,Get Lucky.

How to Retrieve

Go to level 1-8 of Go Green Get Lucky and zoom out all the way to see an arrow
Go Green Get Lucky Golden Egg
to a platform where the Golden Egg lies.Launch a Yellow Bird at just the right length and time to recieve it.

3 Star Walkthrough

Shoot the Red Bird through the Large Pig so he can hit Moustache Pig and his hat will collapse on the other Large Pig.


  • A new Game Sprite for Red Bird was created exclusively for this level,since he wears a leprechaun hat.
  • There is a Glitch in this level; the Red Bird will start to rotate on the Slingshot if you wait long enough and he will be launched upside down if you launch him.
    • Furthermore, if the stack of hats hit the first Large Pig, it falls over, accidentally killed by the Moustache Pig.
      • If you are lucky enough, the Large Pig at the left side will also fall over due to the stack of hats.
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