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King Pig has stolen the Eggs, and there's no way to retrieve them, ever!'

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Template:Epic Infobox Level Golden Clouds was a daily level involving the Golden Pig. It is no longer available as of v.1.2.9. When Golden Pig, the main enemy of this level, has been defeated, you will get Lucky Coins. The Golden Pig will set his experience, health and attack power based on your current level or the birds you fight with. During the first three days, the levels will be somewhat easier than the later levels; with the seventh level being the most difficult. Missing a day resets your progress. After you finish day 7, your Golden Pig Machine will enter Rainbow Riot mode, tripling the chance for epic items for 15 minutes.

Before Unlocking Chuck

After Unlocking Chuck

After unlocking Matilda

(See Difficulty System for more information)


Before unlocking Chuck

GoldenPig.png Golden Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 106


Golden Flurry - Deals 2xN damage.

After unlocking Chuck

GoldenPig.png Golden Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 226


Headbutt - Deals N damage. Empties the Rage Chili by 30%.

Wild Boar - Deals 2xN damage. 20% chance to stun the target for 1 turn.


Before Unlocking Matilda

If you don't have Chuck, attack Red every turn. When doing so, use Red's secondary skill when it is expired then attack with Red every turn. If you use Chuck in Mage and Red in Knight or Chuck in Lightning Bird and Red in any class, use Chuck's secondary skill on Red when it has been expired and then, if you use Chuck in Mage, attack with him every turn and if you use Lightning Bird, repeat the strategy that has been demonstrated above every turn. If you use Chuck in Mage and Red in Guardian, use Chuck's secondary skill on a bird each turn when it has expired. Then attack with him every turn. Watch your step, though - he has a 20% chance to stun you for one turn.

After Unlocking Matilda

This strategy is different than the first strategy. Use Red in Knight, Matilda in Princess and either Bomb in Pirate or The Blues in Tricksters. Use Red's and Bomb's/ Blues' secondary skills, then attack with Matilda. This will force the golden pig to always attack Red, who will be protected. Then, heal with Matilda every turn and replenish the secondary abilities when they run out. If not, attack with the other birds. This will ensure 3 stars every time.

Level Hack

This hack has been found and stopped by Rovio in version 1.0.14 and onwards. Before this version, you can hack this level to appear multiple times in a day. Because the game's date and time are based on your device's date and time, it was possible to change your device's date and time. When you open the game again, you will see this level.

-However, there is another working way to do this exploit, shown here (still working as of 7/20)

  1. Complete a golden clouds level, make sure that your device's time is after midnight.
  2. Set the time zone (do NOT change time) to where it's just before midnight.
  3. When time passes midnight, the golden cloud appears.
  4. Repeat.

Using this way, the golden pig could appear up to 30 times a day if you play for 24 hours.

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