Golden Egg Level 10
Golden egg 10
Episode Golden Eggs EP
Level Number 10
Birds Sequence Diehard Dude
No. of Pigs Teamster: x1
3-star Score Onestar2: Pop all Pigs
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Golden Egg Level 9 Golden Egg Level 11

Golden Egg Level 10 is the tenth Golden Egg level in the game Angry Birds.

How to get it

To obtain the Golden Egg, go to Danger Above. Then go to level 6-14. If you look closely, there is a yellow balloon underneath the treehouse. That balloon contains a Golden Egg. Use Hal  to get it, or you can have Chuck to bounce off the tree. 

How to Complete

Loft Red  to the vertical stone block in front of the slingshot platform. This stone block will falls to the other blocks and cause a domino fashion and also cause a little damage to the pig. To pop the pig, catapult Chuck when the thin vertical stone block which is closest to the TNT which is having the stone ball sitting on it is about to fall to the TNT and use his speed to hit the TNTs to explode them and open a way for one of the grey balls to fall down and pop the balloons and pop the pig after flying on the sky with the help of the two TNTs which had been sat by that ball. The ball will not always pop all of the balloons so it needs a few retries to get it.

Video Walkthroughs

Note: This is a two-part video. Part 1 shows you how to get the Golden Egg. Part 2 shows you how to get the star.

Angry Birds Golden Egg 10 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Golden Egg 10 Walkthrough

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