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Golden Egg Level 17
Episode Golden Eggs
Level Number 17
Birds Sequence Terence
No. of Pigs Large Pig x8 Corporal Pig x8 Foreman Pig x8
3-Star Score Onestar2.png: Solve the puzzle
Blocks Unknown
Other features Unknown
Golden Egg Level 16 Golden Egg Level 18

Golden Egg Level 17 (aka. Pig Ch=oir) is the seventeenth Golden Egg level and the player must figure out a puzzle in order to complete the level. This level is essentialy a song-maker. To make notes, simply tap a pig silouhette. Terence acts as the metronome. Tap him, and his eyes will open, and the metronome is ready to operate. Shift the Big Brother Bird left to slow down the tempo and right to speed it up. To stop the song, tap the Big Brother Bird again so his eyes close.

How to Obtain

You must get 3 stars in all levels in The Big Setup in order to get this level.

How to Complete

First, fill in all the pigs by tap all of the pig silouhettes. Then, tap him and the pigs will "sing" a song. After that, slide Big Brother Bird all the way to the right to speed up the tempo. You will get a star by doing this.


Angry Birds Golden Egg 17 Walkthrough