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Golden Egg Level 18 is the eighteenth Golden Egg Level in Angry Birds.

How to Obtain[]

To obtain the Golden Egg that unlocks this level, you need to destroy the trophy that sits between two piles of jewels in Ham 'Em High 12-12. To destroy it, go to Ham 'Em High 12-12 and fire a Blue Bird to break into the left of the glass part of the main structure. Then fire another to break the horizontal glass block and open the way to the trophy. But this will make the right glass part of the main structure to fall on the way. There will be some glass and wood blocking your way. Fire the third Blue Bird into these blocks which is blocking your way to break some glass and some horizontal wooden blocks that have broken a little. You need to be lucky to open a nice way for the Yellow Bird. Now, it's all up to the last shot. Shoot the Yellow Bird to the horizontal wooden block and destroy the golden trophy. You need to hurry if all pigs are popped!

How to Complete[]

Shoot the Yellow Bird to the third floor of the building (counting from the bottom) and destroy some blocks and pigs here. Then, shoot the first Black Bird to the first floor and explode the whole bottom of one part of the building. After that, shoot the other Black Bird to the remaining part and explode to finish the level. You need to be lucky to successfully finish the level so keep trying!

Alternatively, shoot Chuck to pop all four balloons: dropping TNT boxes should damage any top floors. The Foreman Pig will likely die or be damaged: pop him and any back Minion Pigs with Bomb; then shoot another Bomb to kill the front pigs. Once all are popped (preferably explode Bomb within the structure), it should clear the level.

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