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Golden Egg Level 3
Episode Golden Eggs
Level Number 3
Birds Sequence The Blues
No. of Pigs Large Pig x2 Corporal Pig x2 Foreman Pig x1 King Pig x1
3-Star Score Onestar2.png: Pop all Pigs
Blocks Unknown
Other features Unknown
Golden Egg Level 2 Golden Egg Level 4

Golden Egg Level 3 is the 3rd Golden Egg Level of Angry Birds.

How to Get It

Go to Theme 2-2. Destroy the beach ball with a blue bird. If it disappears, a golden egg will pop up.

How to Complete

Wait until all of the beach balls are bouncing at the maximum speed, then fire a Blue Bird anywhere into the structure. The beach balls will, if not shortly, eventually kill all pigs inside.


  • If you wait long enough the beachballs will kill all the pigs.

Video Walkthroughs


Angry Birds Golden Egg 3 Walkthrough