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Golden Egg Level 6 is a Golden Egg level in the game Angry Birds. This level is very fun to do and it's also very challenging. There are 96 Small Pigs and the player is supplied with a Red Bird.

How To Get The Golden Egg

To get the Golden Egg, go to Poached Eggs. On level 1-8, there is a treasure chest. Tap on it several times and the Golden Egg will appear. If you are using PC or Mac, to open the treasure chest depress the caps-lock then click and hold the left mouse button over the treasure chest and then type open.

How To Complete This Level

You will see that all the pigs are covering up a huge hole in the ground. Throw Red up in the air (do it almost going straight up, but make it slant just a little bit) and he will land in the middle, defeating the pigs at the same time. It may take about 10 seconds to complete it. If you try hard enough, you may complete the level. But sometimes, a couple of pigs get left behind and you end up doing the level again and again. This is why it's a very challenging level.


Main article: Golden Egg Level 6/v1.5

  • The old Pull the Corporal Pig's Snout/Snoozing Pig level.

    After the 1.5 update, this level replaced the Pull the Corporal Pig's Snout level (Snoozing Pig level). The Corporal Pig's level no longer exists.
  • A different variation of this level appears in Angry Birds Friends (PC version), but with Terence.

Video Walkthroughs

File:Angry Birds Golden Egg 6 Walkthrough-0

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