Golden Egg Level 7
Episode Golden Eggs EP
Level Number 7
Birds Sequence Diehard
3-star Score Onestar2: Solve the puzzle
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Golden Egg Level 7 (aka. Angry Radio) is a special level in which the player must figure out a puzzle to complete a level.

How to Obtain

The player must get 3 stars in all levels in Mighty Hoax in order to obtain this level.

How to complete

The level is a radio, in which plays 4 different soundtracks by pressing a button or turning the dial. There is a 5th hidden soundtrack that the player must find in order to beat this level. The player simply must press two buttons on the radio at the same time, or stop the dial when the needle is between the 3rd and 4th buttons. If done correctly, the Red Bird next to the radio should start dancing. If you are using PC or Mac, click on the 3rd button to hear the bird sound. Then click and hold the dial and turn it clockwise slowly until the needle on the display is between the 3rd and 4th buttons.

Video Walkthroughs

Angry Birds Golden Egg 7 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Golden Egg 7 Walkthrough