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For the similar episode featured in Space, see Eggsteroids.

For the similar episode featured in Star Wars, see Bonus.

For the object in Stella Toons, See Golden Egg (Stella).

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In the Angry Birds series, Golden Eggs are special items hidden in the game, which unlock additional levels upon collecting them. In most cases, this is achieved by simply destroying or hitting an object or the egg itself in a few levels, while in other cases, it may require the player to touch an object or the egg in the game's menus. For clearing each episode with a three-star rating in every level within, the player will obtain a single Golden Egg, though rather than unlocking a level. It allows the player to access a mini-game. However, don't try to collect a Golden Egg with Mighty Eagle, as he will destroy it without collecting it.


This is a list of all of the Golden Eggs that appear in the original game.

There are currently 35 Golden Eggs (with an additional Golden Egg in iOS).

  1. After unlocking Matilda in Level 2-14 (Poached Eggs), go to the in-game help menu (by tapping or clicking the "?" button in the Pause menu) and tap or click the check button four times. On Matilda's screen, the Golden Egg should be right under Matilda's flying corpse instead of a regular egg. Tap or click it to collect.
  2. Go to Level 5-19 (Mighty Hoax). The Egg is floating in the air, above the rocket. Hit it with a bird (use Chuck for more chance of success), or with the debris from the structure. Try also with Matilda's flight after throwing its egg.
  3. Go to Level 2-2 (Poached Eggs). The Egg is hidden in a beach ball within the glass debris. Destroy the ball to get the egg.
  4. Get all 189 Stars in Poached Eggs.
  5. Go to the credits (by tapping or clicking the "i" button on the Title screen) and scroll down until the Golden Egg is shown up. Tap or click it to collect. It normally is Matilda's old corpse.
  6. Go to Level 1-8 (Poached Eggs). The Egg is hidden in a treasure chest in the ground below the level. On mobile devices, tap it multiple times until the egg pops up. On PC and Mac, click and hold the mouse button down on the treasure chest or press enter, then type open to get the egg.
  7. Get all 126 Stars in Mighty Hoax.
  8. In the Episode Select screen, tap or click the sun at the bottom of the screen twice. The Egg should pop up. Though in v.3.3.0 update it is now located in the helmet of one of the two background pigs at Mine and Dine. In another version, it is located at the Angry Birds Star Wars (or Angry Birds Star Wars II logo if it is a higher version, Angry Birds Go! if it is another higher version on PC). Tap it a few times and the egg should pop up, too. (This version only available on IOS)
  9. Go to Level 4-7 (Mighty Hoax). The Egg is on the top of the cliff on the right side. Use Chuck to hit it.
  10. Go to Level 6-14 (Danger Above). The Egg is hidden in a golden balloon under the treehouse on the right side. Use Hal to pop the balloon. Otherwise, you can get it using Chuck (by bouncing off the tree on the far right).
  11. Go to Danger Above and drag the screen beyond Theme 8. The Egg should be there. Quickly tap or click it to collect, as the screen scrolls back very quickly.
  12. Get all 135 Stars in Danger Above.
  13. Go to Level 8-15 (Danger Above). The Egg is hidden below the slingshot platform surrounded by wooden squares. Use Hal to get it. Otherwise, you can get it using Chuck (by bouncing off a balloon trampoline on the bottom right across the egg).
  14. Go to Level 9-14 (The Big Setup). The Egg is on a cliff with a hard hat on it. Use Hal to get it.
  15. Go to Level 10-3 (The Big Setup). The Egg is hidden in a rubber duck underneath the bridge, along with a Medium Pig. Destroy the duck to get the egg.
  16. Go to Level 11-15 (The Big Setup). The Egg is behind the slingshot platform at the bottom. Use Hal to get it.
  17. Get all 135 Stars in The Big Setup.
  18. Go to Level 12-12 (Ham 'Em High). The Egg is hidden in a trophy. Destroy the trophy to get the egg.
  19. Go to Level 13-10 (Ham 'Em High). The Egg is hanging on a rope on a cliff on the far right. Use Matilda to get it.
  20. Go to Level 14-4 (Ham 'Em High). The Egg is on the top of the cliff on the far right. Use Chuck to get it.
  21. Get all 144 Stars in Ham 'Em High. The stars include the three extra levels unlocked by liking the official Angry Birds Facebook page.
  22. Go to Level 13-12 (Ham 'Em High). Use Matilda and shoot it backward and drop the egg to get it. If you drop the egg in the right spot, you get a special Golden Egg dubbed Super Bowl/Rio Golden Egg.
  23. Go to Level 15-12 (Mine and Dine). The Egg is on the top right of the level, sitting on the top of the ridge there. Use Matilda, Chuck, or Hal to get it.
  24. Go to Level 16-9 (Mine and Dine). The Egg is on the top right of the level, sitting on the top of the cave there. Use Chuck or Matilda to get it.
  25. Get all 135 Stars in Mine and Dine.
  26. Go to Level 17-12 (Mine and Dine). The Egg is in a treasure chest at the top of the second rock ledge. Use Chuck to get it.
  27. Go to Level Cake 2-6 (Birdday Party). The Egg is on a ledge on the top right side of the level, in a hollow wooden square there. Use Chuck to get it.
  28. Go to Level Cake 3-14 (Birdday Party). Hit the TNT Cake on the left side of the fortress. Then the Golden Egg will appear behind the platform where the Slingshot is. Hit it with Hal or if aimed correctly at the right timing, hit it with Chuck.
  29. Go to Level 24-8 (Red's Mighty Feathers). The golden egg is a Red V8 that is floating on the top of the screen. Launch Chuck upwards, then as soon as he falls, get him to hit the rope. The Red V8 will fall and of course, you'll get the golden egg. Another way to get the egg is to launch Chuck towards a row of green vacuums. He will start to spin very fast, then after the last vacuum, immediately tap the screen to make Chuck speed up towards the rope. It may take several tries to do this.
  30. Get all 45 Stars in Red's Mighty Feathers.
  31. Go to Level 26-15 (Short Fuse). The Golden Egg is not visible but rather hidden under the slingshot platform. Use the Boomerang bird to enter the cave and obtain the Egg.
  32. Go to Level Cake 5 -15 (BirdDay 5). The Golden Egg is not visible when you first start the level, so zoom out then look for it in the top right area of your screen. Use Matilda to enter the place and obtain the Egg.
  33. This level is known as the special (PRODUCT)RED Golden Egg Level and is only available in the iOS version of the game. Go to episode selection. The level is unlocked by simply tapping the Golden Egg that appears at the bottom of the episode selection screen.
  34. This Golden Egg can be found hidden in the Gold League sticker in the Mighty League.
  35. This Golden Egg can be found hidden in one of the BirdDay 7 stickers in the Mighty League.
  36. This Golden Egg can be found in the medal section of the sticker book in the Mighty League.

Extra (The Golden King Pig): This is a special golden egg currently available to iOS users and Android users Via Google Play. The Golden King Pig will be seen on the second page of the Golden Eggs episode. When you tap on the Golden King Pig, you will be randomly sent to one of these 4 EXTRA Minigames and a random level.
Note: Your scores will NOT be logged in these events.

Extra Minigame 1. King Pig: All the birds turn into pigs and all the pigs in the fortress turn into eggs. In each level, each pig has a special ability. To clear the levels, the rules are similar to using the birds: use the pigs to smash all the eggs in the level.

Extra Minigame 2. Material Mix-Up!: Two of the materials of the Pigs' fortress will be swapped. The number of birds in the level and the rules to win remain the same, but with two of the materials switched, it changes the approach of a level.

Extra Minigame 3. Bird Frenzy!: Beat the level with UNLIMITED BIRDS!! When it sounds easy though, it's actually a little challenging. You only have a limited amount of time to clear the level and the bird choice is random and you're not told which bird might come next. For example, being given a bunch of Red Birds to combat in an all-stone level is extremely difficult.

Extra Minigame 4. Total Destruction!: Tap the level to explode it! You have 10 seconds. Everywhere you tap creates a small explosion. This event is not nearly as challenging in most cases.

Golden Grenade (Removed Dec. 20th, 2012)

They are in Friends. There are 2 in Green Day. These levels were removed along with the entire episode of Green Day on December 20th, 2012.

1. In 1-7, go to the top and you will see a chest. Tap it and the egg will appear.

2. In 1-10, destroy the patch of grass beneath the slingshot.

The Golden Egg King


As a promotion for Facebook, a site was launched for mobile devices allowing players to create an avatar to be used in the future. The avatar builder site references adding your bird to the flock to protect the golden egg. A graphic shows an unusually large golden egg with a crown surrounded by hundreds of birds cheering as Red, Chuck, The Blues, Bomb, and Matilda raise it.

This was a sneak peek for the Bird-O-Matic in Angry Birds Friends!.

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  • Before the episode colors were removed in 2.1.0 (2.0.0 on PC), the representative color they used in Golden Eggs is yellow-orange.

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