Angry Birds Epic Golden Fields Level 3 Walkthrough-0




It is the third zone in the game. It contains 4 levels and the first friendship gate in the entire game. These pigs are new –

  •   Farmers- who are same to stick pigs but stronger than them who stumble stupidly and there is no impact.
  • Workers- who are weaker than farmers but do not stumble.
  •  Air pirate- who do twice damage and can increase another pigs power attack by 50%, they are assistants of pilot pig. He is the first pirate pig you will fight and have a passive ability- dirty tricks, in which he is immune to any negative effect ( like stun, attack on a single target, any effect which automatically decrease pigs health etc).So attack him by simple attacks.
  •   Pilot pig- who do normal damage and leaves a negative effect by which you receive 25% more damage. He charges for two turns and do a lot of damage but more due to the negative effect and the passive skill ‘’ in component minions ‘’ you may know and he also have the same ability as he is a moustache pig.

The fourth level will be unlocked after eastern slingshot woods for which you need to complete bamboo forest 9 (details in other article - bamboo forest). The second level have a treasure which give you a matilda new weapon – flower comb and 50 snout lings. Your aim is to get the golden pig machine to get more new weapons and off-hand weapons which may be powerful but some weaker so prince porky in the golden fields 3 and trying to take it but it is lofty so he can’t but air pirates and pilot pig are the real problems. So you may handle them with red chuck and matilda. The friendship gates have new location called beard forest where solider pigs, guard pigs will be fought but in second one a golden chest is which have lucky coins and 100 snout lings but lolly popper is waiting to fight (he is like coporal pig but stronger than him). He do high damage and heal ( himself only ) a lot. Best of luck to fight him but, if you are at level more than 7 then no problem and choose piggy m’ cool or a mighty eagle mercenary if you have 15 lucky coins. In the fourth golden field also nothing new only three air pirates and again that pilot pig which can be easily handled too but upgraded him and his assistants to level 10. This area is rich in wood, shiny sand and seeds only.

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