The Golden Pig statue is an object from Bad Piggies, which resembles King Pig.


It's as an ancient-looking pig statue that has sculpted eye holes with sculpted irises and pupils, spikes on the top of the head, large ears, squareish snout and a mouth with various teeth and a tongue. It's made of silver in the 1 star version, wooden as the 2 star version and a Mighty Eagle statue but with a small beak as the 3 star version.


It appears after the first page of The Road to El Porkado, it's very strong and heavy. In most level it appears in, there's gate to launch it or let it pass, it can break stone blocks that ofen hide Starboxes. It has three variations:

  • A wooden one;
  • A glass one and
  • One shaped like Mighty Eagle, with a small beak.



The statue was made by ancient pigs a long time before the events of Bad Piggies, and was placed in a room full of other golden treasures.

Game Events

Beggining Cutscene

King Pig had discovered a vase had been stolen from its pedestal, and ordered the pigs and Ross to find it. Ross then thought it would be better to replace it,  he then wandered across Piggy Island to go to the lost city of El Porkado with a rubber duck he brought along and a map; which led him to a secret room which the statue was in. It was later used to help Ross and his vehicles get back home.

Ending Cutscene

The statue was presented to King Pig when he was eating desserts by its discoverer, Ross; and shortly after, was placed on the pedestal the vase was formerly displayed on, where it shined brightly and dazzled the king.



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