Golditrotters is the third episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and the eighty-first overall.

It was aired on the release of the Toons.TV App and later on the website. It was aired on October 1, 2015.

Toons.TV Description

This little pig is too tough for a dumb children’s book. Golditrotters? Pshhhhhh – that’s not scary.



King Pig was preparing to go to sleep, just before Chronicler Pig came in to read him a book. King Pig wanted to start reading "Count Porkula", but Chronicler Pig disagreed, and started reading "Golditrotters" instead.

At the start of the book, a golden-haired female Minion Pig named Golditrotters said goodbye to her grandma (Professor Pig) before gleefully prancing in the forest. Just after starting her trek, she noticed a big house. She went into it and noticed three bowls of oatmeal. She decided to try them all out. The first bowl of oatmeal was too hot (causing her to breathe fire and burn the bowl), and the second one was too cold (causing her hair and tongue to freeze). However, the third one was just perfect (she even eats part of the bowl itself).

King Pig grunted in disinterest, but Chronicler Pig continued reading.

Golditrotters walked into a room with 3 slingshots, and tried them all out. The first slingshot was too elastic (she got spun around and bucked her off), and the second one was too stiff (it broke). However, the 3rd one was just perfect (she even broke most of the room). After feeling exhausted from breaking the room, she noticed three nestbeds and once again tried them all out. The first nestbed was too big (it nearly suffocated her), the second one was too small, but the third one was just perfect, and she slept on it for an extended time.

King Pig then threw his toy dog at Chronicler Pig and blows a raspberry, once again showing how uninterested he was. In return, Chronicler Pig scoffed and then continues reading.

When Golditrotters woke up, she noticed three evil beasts resembling Red, Matilda, and one of the Blues. Frightened, she jumped out the window and ran back to her own house, opening and shutting the door. She then sighed in relief, but to make matters worse, Terence was on her grandma's bed. He then suddenly started to stare at her and scared her to death.

King Pig shivered in fear while Chronicler Pig closed the book, headed for the doorway, said goodbye in the same way that Golditrotters' grandma did, shutting the door, and turning off the light. King Pig then covered himself in fear, noticing the shadows of the same monster birds roaring in the night.



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